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Activities to bring inquiry-based learning at Best Engg College

How to bring two-ways learning in the classroom?

Best Engg College provides an opportunity for the students to pursue artistic interests in the curriculum. It allows exploring new talents and strengthening their connection with the standard subjects like Math and English. However, they engage students with the academics by bringing them towards the inquiry-based art activities in the classroom. It includes:

The global concept of learning

The global concept of learning is the big data or focus of inquiry. Learners of the list of engineering colleges in Rajasthan should encourage the concepts in different ways by creating a strong connection to the material. However, the most common concept of these activities includes art, expression, and color. In addition, students can create one overarching line of inquiry. Learners should make connections to their practical applications in both life and learning. However, it aims at communicating the significance of art in culture by creating projects for activities based on artistic understanding and expression.

The color wheel

Students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur must familiarize with the color wheel introduced to them through color schemes. It provides a vocabulary like complementary, triad and analogous. It is important to give paint sample cards to the students arranged in a particular scheme. However, they must identify the theme they are looking at. This activity works accurately with almost all grade levels. It can be adapted depending on the age of the class.

Color and Mood

Students of Best Engineering College in Rajasthan must research the relationship between color and mood. They must know which colors make them feel relaxed, energetic, or angry? How is this information used by the people using design grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants? In addition, every student must have a specific room and a specific mood that room should reflect.

Art Assessment

This activity can be adjusted to work for all grade levels. However, students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur must divide their groups into three or four and provide each one of them with a painting or other piece of art. Also, students individually can record their thoughts on what the artist was trying to convey through their piece.

Match the Genre

This activity allows students of Best BTech College Jaipur to their class in a discussion about different genres of art. They must have a few basic images that need to be drawn by following the styles of each genre.

Color Mixes

Students can adapt this to fit a variety of grade levels. They must know about the primary colors and their mix to create all other colors. It is important for students to use paint, brushes, and water. Also, they must experiment with several colors like red, yellow, and blue paint and find ways to make green.

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