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A complete guide to some popular technology skills 2021

Popular Technology Skills 2021

In the highly competitive and advanced educational sector, there are lots of career opportunities for students. But most of them look to change their fields and get into the technology sector for better growth and development. For this, it is significant for them to know the skills they need to launch their career. Candidates can maximize their marketability by pursuing technology skills that are in great demand at top engineering colleges.

Nobody can deny from the fact that tech is a broad field, and there are lots of interesting directions for willing students. There are several in-demanding technology skills for the students to learn in 2020, they are as follows:

1. Artificial intelligence

AI is continuously changing the landscape of work and making it an exciting time for programmers to look for something new. The growth for AI specialists in terms of recruitment has grown 74% annually in the past 4 years. Due to the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence, top recruiters have opened several opportunities for the students of the best engineering college in Rajasthan.

Most of the people confuse machine learning with artificial intelligence. Remember, AI is a broader concept pertaining to machines and designed to act intelligently like humans. On the other hand, machine learning relies on devices that make sense of a specific set of data. In the last few years, 31% of the businesses had incorporated AI in data analysis and user experience.

What AI course covers?

This Micro Master’s program consists of 4 courses that explore distinct applications and aspects of Artificial Intelligence 2020. By understand the guiding concepts behind machine learning and AI, students of Top BTech Colleges in India can design their own AI programs to solve real-world problems, learn about its application in physical robotics, and explore the world of animation and CGI.

2. Machine learning

Machine learning is one of the most exciting and innovative fields that is constantly moving into the future. It has become the most profitable skills for the students of Engg Colleges Jaipur to learn. There are multiple uses for this futuristic technology including Siri, Alexa, chatbots, self-driving cars to make predictive analysis, etc. Keeping in mind the growing demand, the need for online courses in machine learning has also begun. In today’s time, around 49% of companies are exploring or planning to use machine learning.

Machine learning can be applied to every industry, including education, healthcare, finance, etc. The possibilities of this technology are endless, and candidates can apply their machine learning skills to a role that suits their interests and personality.

What Machine learning course covers?

The introduction to the machine learning course includes neural networks, deep learning, anomaly detection, statistical pattern recognition, unsupervised learning, recommender systems, and more.

3. Data science and analytics

Big data includes two consistent in-demand tech jobs, that is, data science and data analytics. Revenue from Big Data applications and analytics is expected to increase in the near future. 84% of enterprises have launched their advanced analytics and Big Data initiatives in order to accelerate their decision-making. Also, it helps to bring greater accuracy. Due to this, data science has earned a top spot on emerging jobs.

Data analysis is the more entry-level skill while data science gets more advanced. But the careers in both are exactly the same. The industries have a growing demand for the data professionals of Computer Science Engineering Colleges, especially in education, finance, health, software, and other sectors.

What Data science and analytics course covers?

This engineering course drives better business decisions with an overview of how big data is analyzed, organized, and interpreted. Students can easily apply their insights to real-world problems and questions.

4: Data engineering

Data engineering is completely different from data science. Data engineers build the infrastructure and tool that helps data scientists to rely on conducting their own work. With the advent of time, the growth rate of data engineering has increased by up to 35% across a wide variety of industries in terms of recruitment.

What data engineering course covers?

All the important services students will need to know for the Google Cloud Data Engineer test, the basics of how to use Google Cloud Platform.

5. Data visualization

Data visualization is a method to help people understand the importance of data by placing it in a visual context. For instance, by turning reports or spreadsheets into graphs and charts that can be easily understood. This career can create a bridge between technical and non-technical roles. Students are taking the data collected by analysts and transforming it into a form that anyone can understand.

What data visualization course covers?

With this course at Best Engineering College in Jaipur, students can learn how to design interactive charts and customized maps for their website by using Tableau, Google Sheets, Highcharts, Carto, Leaflet, GitHub, etc.

6. Network and information security (cybersecurity)

Keeping the network secure is important for any company that collects customer information or deals with sensitive data of their own. Data breaches can be big, newsworthy, and costly for the company to recover from. The number of data breaches has increased by 50% in the last 2 years and companies famously hacked in the past include Sony, LinkedIn, Chipotle, and others.

These situations define just how critical it is for companies to keep their network security up to par, and make cybersecurity one of the most required jobs.

What network and information security program covers?

Students of engineering colleges Rajasthan can learn the basics of networks, systems administration, how to mitigate vulnerabilities, how to perform digital forensic analysis, risk assessment, etc. through this course.


Under given are some of the important technical skills for the students to learn in 2020. There are some other technology skills like Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Product Management, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Mobile Development, Programming languages in general, etc. which students can follow in their computer science engineering study.

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