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A cloud computing career in India – Admissions 2021

Career in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is accessing computing services like data processing, managing, computing, and storing through remotely located servers. This service is accessed via internet and is an on-demand service. The main benefits of career in cloud computing are that nothing is stored in the local systems, allowing students of BTech Colleges Jaipur to access a host of computing services at affordable prices. Also, cloud computing is safe as cloud servers are protected with the best security software. Owing to its many benefits, cloud computing is set to be the next big technological revolution.

India being the IT hub of the world, leads to the front in cloud computing. A large part of the country’s IT investments is directed towards cloud computing and other technologies are associated to it like artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. Therefore, this is one of the best industries to make a career in the same. Thus, students of Engineering Colleges Rajasthan have decided to pursue careers in cloud computing, they are headed in the right direction.

How to start a career in cloud computing?

Starting a career in cloud computing is quite a daunting task. Cloud computing is a technologically advanced service with various different areas of functioning. They will have to get educated in cloud computing to pursue a career in this field. There are different kinds of methods on how individual can pursue an education in cloud computing and start a career.

There are those methods to start career in cloud computing. Some of them includes the following:

1. Enrolfor certified courses

There are a few certified courses that students of top BTech colleges in Jaipur can do to start their careers in cloud computing. The most popular courses are Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure Certifications. There are multiple levels in the certification courses that can be broken down into associate, entry-level, and professional. They can choose the courses based on what career they want to pursue in cloud computing. These courses are taught online, and at the end of the course, they will be required to give an examination, which is also conducted online. After passing the exam, they will be awarded a certificate that will make them eligible to work in cloud computing.

2. Get professional education/degree

Many MBA colleges or universities have realised the importance and growth of cloud computing in India. They have begun to introduce MBA and PGDM courses especially in cloud computing. These courses are associated with companies like Google and Amazon. In the course, students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur get expert-level education and certification. All this is along with the management education, which will make graduates eligible to hold managerial positions in the cloud computing industry.

3. Start with free educational resources

There are many streaming and websites channels that offer free education in cloud computing. These websites and streaming channels are full of lectures, videos, and presentations that cover every aspect of cloud computing. There are links where students of best BTech colleges in Jaipur can also download free study material. AWS and GCP also have their own YouTube channel where they will find all the latest education based on their certification courses.

Of all the three options to pursue cloud computing in India, professional education courses like MBA and PGDM in cloud computing and other emerging technologies is the right option. These courses guarantee expert education and an excellent job after BTech course.

Skills needed for career success in cloud computing

1. Technical Skills

Cloud computing is all about technology, and there are daily advancements in the technology industry. If students of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur have good tech skills like programming, networking, coding, database query, and other tech know-how, they will be able to keep up and even make advancements themselves.

2. Business Skills

There are many careers in cloud computing where top BTech colleges will have to sell cloud services and products. Also, they may be required to perform business development duties, so they need to have good business sense.

3. Communication Skills

Not everyone understands cloud technology. Their expert communication skills will help them communicate with clients and help them understand cloud computing and how it will help them.

4. Project Management Skills

In cloud computing, graduates will be required to work on various projects, so project management skills are a must. Working as a team, meeting strict deadlines, leading the team, all deploying the product – all this will need project management skills.

Why choose a career in cloud computing?

If students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur are unconvinced about trying for a career in cloud computing, here are some reasons to make a career in this industry:

1. Futuristic Industry

Cloud computing is the future industry. It is going to be in growth mode for different years, so making a career here would be a sensible move.

2. High Salaries

Considering the growth, value, and demand of the industry, best engineering colleges in Rajasthan can get a good salary and benefits. The IT industry of the country is known for having high-paid professionals.

3. Unique Professions

There are various unique professions in cloud computing. Data engineers, data scientists, full-stack developers, cloud engineers, cloud architects, and systems administrators are some of those unique professions.

4. Job Security

Cloud computing is the most important factor. This industry is going to be the future and will continue to get better for various years. Therefore, all the jobs in this industry are too much secure.

5. Part of all Industries

Cloud computing is so affordable, advanced, and secure that all industries are investing in cloud services like data storage and computing. Therefore, students of computer science engineering colleges in Jaipur can make a career in any industry connected to the cloud.


Cloud computing can create a technological revolution in business. Therefore, if students of top engineering colleges in India choose to be a part of this industry, they will be in a strong position in their career. There are various ways to start a career in cloud computing in India, but if they want to get the best out of it and reach the top, they should do it through an MBA in cloud computing from a reputed engineering college.

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