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A Basic Guide to Production Management

Learn the foundation subject at Mechanical Engineering

Production management is a process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling different activities of the production function in an organization. It helps the students of Mechanical Engineering at B Tech College in Jaipur to achieve the goals of an organization.

Production management is the management of the production systems of an organization. However, it helps the individuals of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to converts inputs into the desired product and services. A production system takes given inputs. It mainly includes raw material, machines, people, tools, technology, building, cash, information and other resources whereas the outputs include the product and services.

Meaning of production management

Production management is the practices of planning, designing, and production systems and subsystems to achieve the goals of the organization. However, it deals with the decision making related to the production processes for the production of resulting goods and services. It is based on the specifications like the amount, the scheduled demand and the minimum cost.

Objectives of Production Management

The process of production management has four basic objectives that include producing goods/services of the right quality, quantity at the right time and right manufacturing cost.

Right Quality

The quality of the product is completely dependent on the customer needs in the market or the students of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur. However, the right quality is not essentially the best quality of the product. It determines by the cost of the product and the technical characteristics should suit the particular requirements of the customers in the market environment.

Right Quantity

The manufacturing company should produce their products in the right number. If they are produced more than demand, the capital will block up in the form of inventory and if the quantity is produced in short of demand, leads to a shortage of products.

Right Time

Timeliness of delivery of the product to the consumer or wholesaler or the students of best engineering colleges in Rajasthan is one of the critical parameters. It can judge the effectiveness of the production department. Therefore, the production department has to make the fullest and efficient utilization of input resources. It helps to achieve its desired objectives.

Right Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing costs incurred before the product manufacturing and release into the market. Hence, all attempts should be made by the producers from Engineering colleges in Jaipur to the duce the products at a pre-established cost. It also reduces the variation between the actual and the standard (pre-established) cost.

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