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Which type of Engineering should you study?

Types of Engineering for Study

Technology and Engineering considerably overlap, but true engineering requires four-year degrees with coursework that consists of maths, science, engineering and laboratory classes. If you have an interest in exploring new technologies and technical issues, then an engineering degree offers different opportunities.

In our everyday lives, almost everything we rely on is invented, produced or designed by the engineers of Top Engineering Colleges. For instance, it includes railways, roads, power and energy systems, mobile phones, medical equipment, etc. Engineers basically solve challenges and problems and find cost-effective ways of doing things by developing them safer and faster.

Have an interest in studying engineering? Will you be able to build and develop future cities and new transport systems? Will you be able to work in medical technology by using chemical engineering? Do not worry. There are various types of options available which can ease your choice of discipline for studying engineering.

Civil engineering

This is popular as the oldest branch. Civil engineers bound to deal with construction, design, maintenance, and operation of all the human-made surroundings. For instance, buildings, bridges, roads, water utilities, power supply facilities, etc.

Career prospects for a civil engineer

Civil engineers are mainly offered opportunities in engineering consulting companies, construction companies, and property developers. It further includes structural engineer, site engineer, geotechnical engineer, and maintenance engineer.

How civil engineering is the right choice for you?

Engineers in the civil industry are practical and experienced, enjoy problem-solving methods and work well with rules and procedures. Also, they are great in maths and physics and have a special love for the environment.

Chemical engineering

It includes developing processes for the conversion of raw materials into useful products. This type of work happens on a large scale, and industrial-scale like oil refineries, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical factories, etc by using their knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Career prospects for a chemical engineer

A chemical engineer is offered a career in various industries like petrochemical, energy, food, chemical, and semiconductor industries. They are required to work as a chemical process engineer (optimize and develop large scale processes), food chemical engineer (improve the manufacturing process of food packages and maintain its quality standards), plastic technologist (applies engineering and scientific principles in the plastic products) and many more.

Why chemical engineering is the right choice?

If an individual consists of an aptitude for chemistry, mathematics, and science, chemical engineering from the Best B Tech College is the best choice for you. This aptitude might consist of problem-solving skills and detailed observational skills.

Electrical and electronic engineering

Both types of engineering are different. Electrical engineers deals in the design, development, and testing of machinery, equipment, electrical systems. On the other hand, Electronic engineers work for the design, fabrication, and operation of electronic devices and circuits.

Deep knowledge and understanding of both are equally important. Most of the modern appliances combine the functions of electronic and electrical circuitry like a washing machine. In most of the devices, both the electronic and electrical circuit works simultaneously either at the time or vice versa. Due to this reason, most of the Top Engineering Colleges in India offer this field of engineering under one course or subject.

Career prospects for an electrical and electronic engineer

An engineer of electrical and electronic field can easily find their career in industries like utilities, power, manufacturing, telecommunications, electronics, transport, etc.

How electrical and electronic engineering is the right choice for you?

If you have an interest in numbers and physics, fixing up your electronic gadgets, finger on the latest news in the technical world, then you have chosen the right field.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers mainly deal with the design, construction, and operation of machines with small moving components like switches and sensors and large machineries like rockets and satellites.

Career prospects for mechanical engineer

The majority of industries rely on some form of the mechanical system. So, you can explore different industries like the automotive, manufacturing, and marine and construction industry. A mechanical engineer can also work as an industrial machinery engineer, robotics engineer, etc.

How mechanical engineering is a good choice?

If you wish to work for maths and physics and passionate about bringing physical solutions to real-world issues, then mechanical is the right stream for you.

Mechatronics engineering

Here, the engineers are required to combine the important elements of both electronics and mechanical engineering in order to create efficient and smart machines. It can be applied to a wide range of high automated products and systems. Basically, it varies from auto-focus cameras and anti-lock brakes to artificial hearts and surgical robots.

Career prospects for a mechatronics engineer

A mechatronics engineer deals in different fields like construction (design and construct novel machinery), medicine (develop and research mechatronics aids), automotive (design and manufacture new automotive technology), computing (design IT applications and other technologies to enable proper communication), etc.

How mechatronics the right choice for you?

If you enjoy working with new technologies and excited to use your technical knowledge and creativity of electronics and mechanics in order to improve the technology, this is the right choice for you.

Petroleum engineering

The field of petroleum engineering is highly related to the exploration, production, and extraction of natural gas and oil. Generally, they work in oil, mining, and gas extraction companies. Their major time involves in offices and laboratories, drilling sites. It entirely depends on the area of specialization.

Career prospects for petroleum engineers

Engineers, here, are divided into several groups like petroleum geologists (to discover the presence of gas and oil from below the earth’s surface), reservoir engineers (to use computer technology for the identification of risk in the development of gas and oil reservoir), production engineers (to use methods to increase yield from an oil well), drilling engineers (determine the efficient and safe method to extract gas and oil), etc.

Is petroleum engineering a good fit for you?

If you have an interest in science, maths, and geology and wish to promote environmental sustainability along with the economic feasibility in the gas and oil industry, you have chosen the right field.

Also, there are various other fields in engineering that you can study. It is entirely based on your skills, aptitude, knowledge, understanding, and interest. Some of the other fields include Biomedical engineering, Aerospace engineering, and Environmental Engineering, and many more.


It is important for you to consider your interest first while making your final decision. Also, you must see yourself working for the rest of your life in the same industry. In any engineering discipline, you have several options to work in any industry virtually. Therefore, make your career decisions properly.

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