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What Courses are best for Science students after 12th standard?

Best Courses for Science Students

In an individual’s life, the twelfth standard is the watershed. Witnessing the high rise of the science stream, a range of courses is offered to the science candidates after completing their twelfth standard. The best and useful way to make your decisions is by conducting proper research. So, students of the science stream must know what the course offers and what career avenues they open.

There is a list of a few most sought after courses that an individual can pursue after twelfth with science. These tips are suggesting an insight into what a particular course can help you become. The other things are completely dependent on an individual. Under given are the top five areas which science students can choose after twelfth class:


Nobody can deny the fact that engineering is a great discipline. Being one of the most significant disciplines which have helped to transform the world, one cannot rule it out of options. Also, it provides global exposure along with comprehensive learning and practical skills at top engineering colleges in India. It has so much to offer, as it opens numerous options for the candidates.

Today, the engineering banner offers many streams that have become its high points. However, the top four include Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Information Technology. If you still find hurdles, you can visit the official website of the college to decide which engineering program is the best for you.

Career Prospects in engineering

Candidates who pursue this field get to work under the mentioned profiles. For instance, students of computer science engineering can work as Developers, Design Engineers, Solution Integrators, Network Administrators, Software Testers, Domain Consultants, Database Administrators, Industries Officer (Technical), IT Manager, Jr. Software Developer, Software Engineer, System Engineers, Team Leads/ Architect, Technology Analyst.

Further, students of electronics communication engineering of Best B Tech College can become service engineers, Network Planning engineers, R&D Software engineers, Technical directors, etc. Engineers of top mechanical engineering college can become Aerospace Technician, Automotive Technician, CAD Technician, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Contracting Civil Engineer, Marine Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, etc.

Also, students of IT from Best Engineering College are eligible for becoming Computer Programmer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Data Security Administrator, Information System Manager, Computer Technician, Computer Support Specialist, etc.


As Engineering helps the world in simplifying the work processes, Biotech helps in maintaining better health of the people across the world. Therefore, Biotechnology is the combination of biology, engineering, chemistry, and design that works perfectly. Since B.Sc. Biotech is an undergraduate course, students can select that for their career. Search for the best Biotech colleges in India and get yourself enrolled.

Career Prospects in biotechnology

A science student can pursue this discipline and occupy any of the following roles. It includes Biomedical Engineer, Biochemist, Biological/Clinical Technician, Microbiologist, Medical Scientist, Process Development Scientist, Bio-manufacturing Specialists, Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Lecturer, Biotech Product Analyst, Research Scientist, and Research Associate.

Also, the students of Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan can join Research and development, Manufacturing, Quality assurance/regulatory affairs, Clinical research, Government (policymaking), Software Engineering, Food, Sales and technical support, Business management, animal and environmental science, and Project management.


The discipline of Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical sciences has become a significant part of the world. However, it is the medium of growth and development in the medical sector. Pharmacy rose up as a quintessential feature especially in an area where people suffer a lot in medical conditions. Also, it has become a degree of international stature. Therefore, science students should consider it among their options.

Based on your twelfth results or result of the entrance exam, students will get admission in top Pharmacy colleges in India. It offers two different career options including B.Pharm and Pharm.D. B.Pharm is more research inclined and Pharm.D proffers patient healthcare centric approach.

Career Prospects in pharmacy

Science students of Best Engineering Colleges in India should know that setting foot in this industry means getting acquainted with opportunities. The pursuit of this degree helps an individual become Quality Control inspectors, Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical marketing head, Drug regulatory in charge, Medical Underwriter, wholesaler, etc. With a Pharm.D degree, the students can work in public healthcare sectors, hospitals, and a lot more exciting places.

B.Sc. (Non-Med)

B.Sc. or Bachelor of Science has become the most sought after the academic discipline of all time. It provides an in-depth understanding of the discipline. Under this, the practical and theoretical postulates of the subjects are enlightened for the students.

Career Prospects in B.Sc

Once the candidates complete their engineering degree, they get ready to work in different areas. That fields are Research Scientists, Research analysts, Teachers, Technical writers/Editors, Scientific Assistants, Lecturers, Chemists, Enumerators, Researchers, Clinical Research Managers and Consultants in various fields.


A little diversion in your career is not an issue. Management is the science of managing the business. The corporate sector will always be searching for talented people and do not mind giving handsome salaries. So, if students of top MBA Colleges are one of those who wish to be a part of business, they must go for Management courses.

Career Prospects in MBA

Getting an MBA completed from one of the Best MBA Colleges in India would surely help an individual land in the most eminent organizations in the world. Once you have earned your degree or courses, you will be able to take up the position of Finance Manager, Human Resource Manager, Research Business Administration Researcher, and Development Manager. Also, includes Business Consultant, Information Systems Manager, Career development officer, Marketing Manager, Sales manager, and Recruiting Coordinator.

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