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What are the ways to prevent hacking?

Simple tips to protect you from hacking

If you have just started your business, you might not be aware of dealing with the black hat hackers. Research has been conducted which shows that around 43% of cyber attacks (hacking) target small businesses. On the other hand, other researchers say that 60% of all online attacks target small and midsize businesses.

Students of Computer Science Engineering must understand that it is not their product that needs to be compromised. It is their personal information including their bank accounts, credit cards, or sometimes, the customers’ credit card. At the initial stages of your business or startups, it can be quite disastrous.

If students of Top MBA Colleges build a robust information security system in their office, their data can also be hacked while traveling. There are cases when protecting all these become too expensive for their business to afford. But you do not need to worry; there are plenty of affordable options for your company’s protection:

Make your passwords secure or use a password app.

It is difficult for any person to remember or to think up random passwords. A password app makes both those tasks a breeze. LastPass and Dashlane offer free and paid versions for both macOS and Windows. Both applications protect your passwords and make it easy for the students of Top Engineering Colleges to access their accounts from devices they trust.

Have all employees encrypt their hard drives with built-in programs

Hacking is not just about illegal accessing data through the web; it can also be more immediate. Any person can simply steal one of your office computers and have access to a store of valuable data.

That is why; students of B Tech Colleges should encrypt their data so that it is only accessible with a password. Both Mac and Windows have built-in functions that accomplish this. Mac users should turn on File Vault in System Preferences. On the other hand, Windows users should use BitLocker.

Do not use text messages, use a messaging app

Messages you send over text are vulnerable to hacking. Instant messaging apps provide end-to-end encryption to make sure conversations about financial information or intellectual property are truly private. WhatsApp and LINE are both great free options. Users can also use them for voice calls, saving money on the phone bill as well.

Set your operating system to auto-update

Companies are constantly offering updates that enhance the security of apps and operating systems they build. Students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur must have their employees set all company devices to update automatically. It will ensure that they are never unnecessarily vulnerable to attacks.

Secure your internet with a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

While using the internet in public places, students of Information Technology are exposed to other people on the same wireless network. Using a VPN on your laptop and phone encrypts your internet data and protects you from data thieves. With a VPN, individuals assure secure communication.


In conclusion, it is said that a person does not have to spend a lot of money to ensure their protection against hacking threats for their business. Sometimes, it knows where and when you and your employees are in the highest danger, and then taking simple steps and creating good habits to prevent the worst from happening.

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