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What are the top Career Opportunities today in MBA

Top Career Opportunities today in MBA

An MBA provides an career opportunity to contribute to an organization at a much higher level than one which they were earlier. This means a greater degree of responsibility and means a significantly higher salary, along with the perks and other benefits to the students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur. While these are the glitters of the degree and the jobs that come with it. It is essential to steer clear of the hype and focus only on what matters. This job will ultimately determine the course of one’s career. There are various reasons why do you need MBA for your career growth. Some of them includes the following:

1. MBA in Finance

After completing an MBA in Finance, students of Top MBA Colleges in Jaipur can find a job in the sectors like Corporate Finance, Corporate Banking, Credit Risk Management, Asset Management, Hedge Fund Management, Private Equity, Treasury, Sales and Trading, etc. The average salary of MBA Finance in India increases with growing experience and knowledge.

2. MBA in Business Analytics

Graduates of MBA in Business Analytics can find jobs in different sectors such as Information Technology, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, E-Commerce, etc. Due to the growing importance of analytics in business, the average salary of MBA Business Analytics professionals in India is Rs. 11 Lakhs p.a.

3. MBA in Marketing

After completing an MBA in Marketing Management, students of Top MBA colleges in India can find a job in different sectors like Competitive Marketing, Business Marketing, Online Marketing, Analytical Marketing, Customer Relationship Marketing, Advertising Management, Product and Brand Management, Retailing Management, etc.

An MBA in Marketing can help graduates get a job promotion and qualify for management and executive positions in your present company. Since postgraduate business programs emphasize developing leadership and communication skills, graduates can promote different marketing positions with great ease.

4. MBA in Human Resource Management

Today, the job of HR professionals has gained increasing traction across different industries. Hence, HR Management professionals can find various employment opportunities in IT companies, law firms, advertising firms, media houses, retail companies, newspapers, etc.

5. MBA in Operations Management

Graduates with this specialization usually bag jobs in product/service-based units like Retail, Logistics, Hospitality, Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction, Financial Institutions, Management Consulting, Information Technology, etc. Damco, Blue Dart, First Flight, GAIL, ONGC, and NHPC are the top recruiters for Operations Management professionals in India.

In-demand job roles in MBA

The top most in-demand job roles that open up after an MBA course are enlisted as follows:

1. Project Manager

A majority of MBA graduates of Best MBA College in Jaipur get corporate jobs with the profile of a Project Manager. This job role offers the possibility of planning, strategizing, and executing on various pillars of their industry. In addition, it becomes their responsibility to achieve the predetermined targets, to make growth forecasts. Along with focusing their energies on team building. Usually, this role is suitable to one project only depending on the nature of the organization, and how big the project is. It can even turn out to be multiple projects if the organization demands more from the graduates. For this specific role, a Project Manager required the following skill set and the specificity of the project will decide which quality requires a greater focus.

2. Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager from MBA colleges in Rajasthan has an interesting role. It is not limited to specific projects, but rather covers the entire growth of the company. A BD Manager needs to understand how to grow the company by taking its business to newer heights, seeking more avenues for expansion and potential for growth. They too will have to meet certain targets to make sure that the targets are met but they will have greater freedom than other job positions to make sure that their goals are achieved.

As this role centers on business expansion and understanding which models of business work, it requires certain skills which centre on strategic planning and execution. The skills required for job profiles like an Innovative approach to standard problems, Impactful communication skills, the ability to build networks everywhere, Utmost respect for deadlines, Never-say-die attitude, etc.

3. Marketing Manager

Today, marketing is the booming field, as every company has started to realise the value of the public gaze and the rewards it foretells for them. If an MBA graduate of private MBA colleges in Jaipur has a specialization in marketing, they can easily snag this position.

With this job role, an MBA graduate will consider all the marketing efforts of a particular organization, whether it is online or offline, and will make sure that they get a fair return on their investment, based on whatever metrics are decided beforehand. Moreover, a Marketing Manager will be highly responsible for designing, even planning and executing effective marketing strategies to propel the company forward.

The position of Marketing Manager does not require any particular skills. Except for the ones which address the marketing segment of the work. Despite this, they must have certain skills like Effortless Interpersonal skills, the ability to leverage networks for more exposure, understanding how masses work, being able to analyse tricky situations in terms of advertising, A keen eye for detail, etc.


An MBA is not the easiest course for your career. Instead, it is a huge struggle simply to get into the course of one’s choice. With this, there are various task of management to keep your grades, all the while building soft skills and understanding the importance of groups and networks. But if they have managed to do it all, there is no stopping their career from really taking off into the highest of the highs. Thus, start yourself on your dream career path today.

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