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What are the different types of Job Interviews?

Types of employment interviews at engineering colleges

An individual can find lots of information out there about the traditional one-on-one Job Interviews, but that is just one-way employers are interviewing people these days. Sometimes they use a different type of setting or a combination of interview tactics during the hiring process to test different skills of students of Engineering Colleges.

Here are some of the less traditional types of job interviews and how you can excel at each one.


What they are - An informational interview is an exploratory, face-to-face meeting with professionals in your industry or in an industry that students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur like to learn more about. It will help them gain insight into their career path and experiences. These meetings are not considered true job interviews, so do not expect an offer at the end of it.

How to succeed - While this type of interview is less formal than the traditional job interview, students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur should still prepare by doing research on the person they are meeting with. It also includes the company he or she works for, and any big news or trends influencing the industry.


What they are - Phone interviews are often conducted as a first-round screening by a recruiter. It also includes a way to connect with someone on the team who works remotely or in a different office.

How to succeed - Phone interviews are a critical part of the screening process that can help a job seeker or the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur land a face-to-face meeting. They must showcase their interpersonal skills by listening to what is being asked, pausing and then responding. What students say and how they say it can make a big difference.


What they are - Video interviews are also becoming more common as more employees work remotely. And since most people have capabilities on their Smartphone or computers to conduct video calls, they are easy to set up and execute. Despite this, they still give that “in-person” feeling without actually having to be in the same room.

How to succeed - The best way for the students of B TechColleges in Jaipur to prepare for these types of video interviews. It includes preparing just like they are going in for an actual in-person face-to-face interview. Of course, a quiet room and professional appearing background are key.


What they are - During a group interview, the company interviews several job seekers at the same time. It is a way to make the hiring process more efficient, but it is also a way to see how job seekers react in a stressful or group situation.

How to succeed - Before going into the interview, Students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges must ensure to have an elevator pitch ready. How they introduce themselves and the impression they make will matter. At least once during the interview, try to be the first person to answer the interviewer's question. An individual does not want to dominate the group by answering every question first.


What they are - Panel interviews is another type of group setting. But this time there are multiple decision-makers from the company in the room. While intimidating, students of Campus Placement at B Tech Colleges must prepare their self by asking who will be attending in advance. Also, it includes that way they can do their research and tailor their responses appropriately.

How to succeed - For a panel interview, maintaining eye contact with each person as they speak is important. This is typically an opportunity to meet different people at the same time. It varies from senior executives and HR contacts to potential co-workers. Remember that it is a two-way street, so have questions in mind to ask the hiring manager or panel.

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