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What are fuel cells and how do they work?

Learn power generation concept with Mechanical Engineering

According to the researches made by the Mechanical Engineering at B Tech College in Jaipur, the power generation of the future will be through the use of fuel cells. However, they are used in various capacities and the technologies are advancing very rapidly. It enables practical and larger applications.

Fuel Cell Basics

A fuel cell is basically a battery. It works similar to flash animation. It requires using fuel, hydrogen, and electrolyte. The main benefit of fuel cell for the students of Mechanical Engineering at Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan are the batteries that do not run down. They produce no pollutants but produce water as a by-product along with the heat.

In order to produce power, students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur have to supply fuel cell continually. It requires two main fuels including oxygen and hydrogen and sometimes air may be used. There are also two electrodes and two screens. An electrolyte such as potassium hydroxide will fill in the gap between the screens. The different gases add into the fuel cell at each electrode, one negative and positive. This causes a chemical reaction and produces a direct-current voltage.

How to apply fuel cells?

Fuel cells are in great use in a variety of applications. The ability to continually generate power as long as there is a supply of fuel; they use to supply power for almost anything. It includes laptops, spacecraft, whole cities, etc. They are easily scalable and can fit any need.

A powerful benefit of a fuel cell for the students of Top Engineering colleges in Rajasthan is that they convert energy much more efficiently. After all, it is beneficial over conventional sources of power like coal or gas from the power generation stations.

Naturally, when hydrogen and oxygen recombine from inside, the large amounts of pressure and heat will get produced. It requires strong containers that can withstand both.

Use of fuel cells

Fuel cells are used in various applications in today’s time by the students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur. Also, they use in vehicles of all sizes. It can be used in the Gemini spacecraft, and three of them powered each of the space shuttles. It generates up to 12,000 watts at 27.5 volts. However, they produce energy more efficiently, and they do it without any emissions. This thing makes them attractive to the power industry.

Future Implementation

The future of fuel cells is very bright. However, it requires some changes. Researchers of Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur need to be able to get a higher percentage of power conversion from the units, which is currently about 60 percent for some forms. In addition, a second main problem is a cost. They cannot yet compete with the cost of more traditional energy sources. However, some of the necessary technology requires development.


In conclusion, it requires development due to more use of fuel cells. Other forms of power generation can develop, as gas and oil are limited, the pollution is too high to use them in the same rates.

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