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Understand the essentials of 100 days of code

100 days of code - Tips to develop the coding habit and learn the essentials

A successful software developer can get into the big company by making some preparations and cover different topics. Make a plan, try to follow your plan and start doing preparation through various resources, tutorials, and videos. Once you start learning, you realized that you are not going anywhere or making any progress. It happens with many newbie programmers or experienced developers of Top Engineering Colleges in India.

They try to learn to code, and cover various topics but due to the lack of a good roadmap and guidance, things become messy and confusing for them. During their preparation, they miss out on a lot of necessary things to cover. To overcome this, students can follow the practical roadmap of “100 days of code” based on a lot of research and the experience of software developers working in big tech companies. This roadmap will provide a complete guideline to build a strong coding habit and to achieve your goal as a software developer.

Students of MTech colleges just need a laptop, a working internet connection, determination to solve problems regularly and within a few months, they can develop the coding habit, learn the essentials, and crack the interviews.

What is 100 Days of Code?

There are a lot of topics and things to cover if students of engineering colleges are targeting some big tech companies. The challenge is the limited time frame and based on our research, it may take almost 14 weeks or 100 Days. We have divided the complete topics into 100 days and all they just have to do is to follow it and stay committed to coding for 100 days.

If students of Engg colleges follow this approach and stay committed to coding, it helps you develop a good coding habit but crack the interviews of 60-70% of tech companies. In 100 days, graduates can cover 5-6 main topics and target the interviews of big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. These topics includes Data Structures and Algorithms (Coding part and problem solving), Operating System and DBMS (database management system), System Design, Object-Oriented Design, Cultural Fit, etc.

It is important to consider several factors while continuing the roadmap like:

  • A beginner can target to solve almost 450-500 coding questions.
  • An experienced person can target to solve almost 300 to 350 questions.
  • System design round is mostly asked from experienced coders, so beginners must focus less on this section but experienced has to focus on this section more.
  • A beginner can commit your time for at least 4-6 hours every day.
  • An experienced one need to commit for 2-3 hours every day.
  • Ideally, you shouldn’t take more than 20–30 minutes to solve any given problem but remember that it is not applicable to all the questions.

100 Days of Code for Beginners

A newbie programmer will be overwhelmed with so many questions and students of Best Engineering Colleges will face a lot of difficulty in solving the problems. It is okay if they take more time in solving the questions but don’t be discouraged. Try to solve the problems on your own, even if it takes a lots of time. After spending many hours, if an individual does not get the solution then, they can stretch themselves for a few days or take the hints.

1. Day 1 to Day 10

Choose a Programming Language and Learn the Basics

Choose a programming language and students of top MTech colleges need to be stick with it. Explore different programming languages, read about them, try it out in your code editor, and check if they are comfortable with it or not.

C++ is a faster language while Java syntax is more complicated but big companies are working on it. It will almost take 4-5 days in picking up a language. While choosing a language, learn the fundamentals and brush up on it. Learn the basic syntax, provide some online tests, and remember the basic things of their chosen language. It may take around one week or 7 days to learn the basics of a language.

2. Day 11 to Day 20

Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

Learn the essential part of the coding i.e., Data Structures and Algorithms. This subject is mostly taught in undergrad and most students of engineering colleges ignore the importance of it. But the topic in this subject is the most important thing to cover in the coding interviews.

3. Day 21 to Day 40

Solve Basic Level Problems

Once you get familiar with the basic algorithm and data structure, practice for the basic coding questions. Practicing basic level questions will help stretch your mind and it will prepare you to tackle medium level problems. Do not skip the basic level, otherwise they will face difficulty in solving harder problems and they will have to go back to the basic level again. Try to solve almost 200 basic level questions within the period of 10 days.

4. Day 41 to Day 60

Solve Medium Level Problems

Practise for some medium level questions and get prepared to solve harder problems and these questions are most likely asked in the interviews. Try to solve almost 150-170 medium level questions within the period of 20 days.

5. Day 61 to Day 75

Solve Hard Level Problems

Once an individual solves the basic and medium level question, they can move to the hard problems. Try to solve almost 80-90 hard level questions within the period of 15 days. You can increase the number of questions as per the time and speed.

6. Day 76 to Day 85

System Design

Learn the basic concept of system design like Load Balancing, Caching, Proxies, CAP Theorem, Consistency, Sharding or data partitioning, etc. students of engineering colleges in Jaipur will be asked to design a web-scale service. Prepare yourself for some most likely system design round questions such as URL Shortening Service (TinyURL), /Design Facebook Newsfeed, Design Uber or Lyft.

7. Day 86 to Day 92


Study the two most important computer science subjects, operating systems, and database management systems. Most of the time junior engineers of engineering colleges in India struggle with the OS and DBMS related questions and skip this part. But preparing these two subjects are also important for the interviews.

8. Day 93 to Day 99

Object-Oriented Design

Prepare yourself for an object-oriented design question for 7 days. An individual should have a good understanding of software design patterns, SOLID/DRY principles, and various oops concepts. Some object-oriented design questions include Design an ATM, Design Vending Machine, design a Parking Lot, Design a Movie Ticket Booking System, etc.

9. Day 100

Cultural Fit

Prepare yourself for the cultural round. Companies do not hire toxic people and also, they do not hire candidates of engineering colleges, which are not passionate about the product. Understand the culture of the company. In interviews, they will have to show interest in the product and they will have to be honest.

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