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Top skills required for managerial position

Skills required for managerial position

If students of MBA colleges in Jaipur aspire to be a top executive someday, they must have the requisite management skills. Managers are precious assets to a company, as they consider taking challenging tasks like supervising employee performance, allocating resources, planning budgets, streamlining business operations and project processes to meet deadlines, hiring/terminating employees, building relationships with industry leaders, clients, and business partners, and creating a productive work environment, among other things.

In general, management roles demand a finely-tuned skill set along with the commercial awareness, domain knowledge, and business acumen. Typically, management skills encompass a wide range of skills within a broad umbrella, business processes, pertaining to managing resources, and employees in a company. While some skills are unique to the industry, others involve general business administration and management skills that apply to multiple sectors.

There are some must-have skills for management roles. Some of them are as follows:

Interpersonal and communication skills

Most management roles are people-centric. They involve meeting with people from diverse backgrounds and liaising with the students of best MBA colleges in Rajasthan to build valuable business relationships. Managers who motivate employees, listen to their challenges, solve them, and act as role models for their colleagues require respect from every employee, both above and below their position. Thus, managers must have excellent interpersonal skills to effectively deal with people inside and outside of the workplace.

As a manager, it is essential for the students of Top MBA Colleges in Jaipur to make genuine efforts personally and professionally. This is where team-building activities can help them earn respect in the workplace while maintaining proper professional boundaries.

Encouragement and motivation

Students of Best MBA College will be succeeded as a manager and a leader when their employees feel comfortable around them. With this, they should feel at ease to share any relevant information with them. To establish this kind of trust and rapport, they must follow an open-door-policy and be there for their employees for any support and guidance they might need from them.

Make their employees feel valued by being approachable to discuss any issues or concerns they may have. Also, while talking, make sure they are genuinely invested in helping them. The idea is to keep a positive attitude to create both a healthy and productive work environment. Simple gestures of encouragement go a long way in making their employees feel that their efforts are truly appreciated.

Organization and time management

Managers often juggle various tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. A manager can perform every task from managing their duties to supervising junior employees’ performance, reviewing company policies, attending meetings, and identifying new business opportunities. This is why, a manager must possess commendable organizational along with the time-management skills.

As a manager, students of MBA colleges in Rajasthan must effectively organize their responsibilities and projects while delegating appropriate work to employees according to their expertise area. Delegation speeds up the work, thereby allow them to prepare the deliverables before the deadline. This will help them streamline business operations and set forth an example for others to follow.

Decision-making and problem-solving

Managers must identify problem areas, business challenges, and obstacles while doing their daily duties. Although they work under pressuring conditions, their job demands dedicated attention to both detail and creative thinking. A manager must proactively solve any issues and must need to devise innovative solutions that can maximize team productivity, reduce costs, streamline business processes, and boost ROI.

The most important aspects of a manager’s job are decision-making. Every day, managers have to make various business decisions that can make or break the company. Apart from making well-planned long-term decisions, managers must know what challenges may come their way. Organizations value managers who can weigh the pros and cons of the situation at hand and make actionable decisions according to real-time.

Strategic thinking

A manager must always consider strategic thinking. While planning short-term goals is pivotal, it is also essential for the students of MBA colleges in Jaipur to create S.M.A.R.T goals for the future, keeping in mind the company’s objectives and vision. As strategic thinkers, managers should participate in helping different teams get on board with the evolving company policies and business strategies.

Training programs can help them to up skill and enrich their domain knowledge, thereby enhancing their productivity and professional value. When managers are genuinely invested in their teams, it boosts workplace morale and encourages employees to do better.

Business acumen and commercial awareness

Recruiters consider commercial awareness and business acumen as two of the most crucial business skills. Especially for managers and top executives. Graduates with a deep understanding of the marketplace, how businesses operate, and how to perform market / competitor research are perfectly suitable for managerial posts. These soft skills are acquired via years of learning and experience.

A manager from MBA college Jaipur must be aware of the company’s aims, objectives, and vision. They must understand the socio-economic and political environment that runs the business. Also, they must know how to identify the competitors and how to outsmart them to stay ahead in the game.


Managers are top executives with various teams and staff working under their supervision. It takes years of experience for them to reach the managerial position. And once they are there, they must pass that knowledge to their subordinates to help them excel and grow.

A manager must mentor, guide, and coach juniors. The idea is to share their knowledge and skills to be the most prominent driving force behind their team. Their industry knowledge should guide those who work under their supervision.


Professionalism is one of the most essential and fundamental work ethics. As leaders who guide employees, managers of best MBA colleges in India must set high standards in the workplace. Also, managers must encourage employees to build core professional values like honesty, integrity, and passion for work. So, they must show this through their actions as they go about their daily business.

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