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Top Project ideas for B Tech Electrical Engineers

Guide for project ideas in electrical engineering

In today’s time, most of the engineering colleges have acquired practically oriented learning through projects, conferences, seminars, etc. Therefore, electrical engineers of B Tech Colleges are in great search of projects and finding meaningful projects that make their search worthwhile. Undermentioned are some project ideas for such engineers. A lot of them may deal in a higher power than electronics engineers used to, hence safety first. These handpicked projects are simple as well as interesting.

Dual-axis solar tracker system

This system mainly requires the involvement of a wide range of engineering. Students of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur can include mechanical, electrical and electronics. The mechanical part would involve designing a smooth gear system for its movement as per requirement. The electrical part is based on the working of solar panel and battery requirement. Moreover, the electronics would involve designing the sensor system which can generate commands for the gear system to act accordingly.

Automatic Anchor Light

International and Federal regulations require boats to carry lights during sunset, sunrise, and conditions of restricted visibility. The colors and number of light vary with the size of the vessel. A masthead anchor light is out of fashion as it is too high above the water level. This makes it difficult for the students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to judge the position of the boat, especially in a pitch-dark anchorage.

High-Impedance Audio Buffer With JFET

The buffer circuit helps the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to enhance the AC input impedance of audio amplifiers. They can be used with pickups in musical instruments. Signal sources for passive pickups and amplifiers for electric guitars require very high-impedance of over 5-megaohm.

It can be easily achieved with junction field-effect transistor (JFET) but may require special design of the printed circuit board (PCB), appropriate construction techniques of the box, proper cables and connectors. This project will provide a solution to the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur for a low cost, high-impedance, low-quiescent current, and buffer-follower based on PN4393 JFET.

PIN Diode Based Fire Sensor

This is an ultra-sensitive fire sensor which activates an alarm while detecting fire. In this circuit, a sensitive PIN diode can be used by the students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur as a fire sensor for longer-range fire detection. It detects infrared and visible light in the range of 430 nm – 1100 nm. Both of them uses fire to activate the sensor and trigger the alarm. Also, it detects sparks in the mains wiring and if these persist, it gives a warning alarm. Also, the anode can identify from the top-view flat surface of the photodiode.

Plus-Minus 5V Supply From 9V Battery

Op-amps require a dual-polarity supply for operating it properly. The working with the battery supply makes it difficult for the students of Electrical Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to get a dual power supply for the op-amps by using ±5V from a 9V battery. This is one of the most interesting projects among Electrical Engineering Project Ideas. Op-amps require a dual-polarity supply for proper operation. When working with battery supply, it becomes difficult to get a dual power supply for the op-amps.


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