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Top programming languages to learn in 2021

What are the top Programming Languages to learn

The pandemic has prepared all of us for a technologically advanced future. Today, we have shifted to work from home and are even becoming more and more dependent on the digital medium. Now, this is a sign that technological advancements are only going to develop further. If students of top engineering colleges in India wish to become future-ready, then it is important for them to start exploring the field of coding. There are various programming languages available that can be explored but the most important factor is learning the right language.

There are various platforms that can be accessed for learning the languages they are interested in. The most crucial step is to start from the basics and then practise every day by working on projects that can help them in brushing up their skills. Their focus should be on mastering one language and since most of the individual’s right now are looking for ways to upskill themselves. There are various programming languages that students of Best Engineering Colleges Jaipur can learn.

1. JavaScript

It is impossible to be a software developer these days without using JavaScript in some way. A research has been conducted by the students of engineering colleges in Jaipur which shows that JavaScript is the most popular language among developers for the eighth year in a row. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is essential to front-end web development. A majority of the web’s most popular sites rely on JavaScript to create interactive web pages and dynamically display content to users. It ranges from Facebook and Twitter to Gmail and YouTube.

Although JavaScript is mainly a front-end language run on the browser, it can be mainly used on the server-side through Node.js to build scalable network applications. Node.js is compatible with SunOS, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Because JavaScript has a forgiving, flexible syntax and works across different browsers, it is one of the friendliest programming languages for beginners.

2. Swift

If students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur interested in Apple products and mobile app development, Swift is a good place to start. First announced by Apple in 2014, Swift is a relatively new programming language that is used to develop iOS and macOS applications.

Swift has been optimized for performance and built from the ground up to relate the realities of modern iOS development. Not only does iOS run on every iPhone and iPad, but it is also the basis for other operating systems such as watchOS (for Apple Watches) and tvOS (for Apple TVs). In addition, Apple is not going anywhere as a tech industry leader, and iOS apps continue to be the most profitable in the mobile app marketplace.

3. Scala

If students of Computer Science Engineering Colleges familiar with Java, that is, a classic programming language in its own right, it is worth checking out its modern cousin, Scala. Scala integrates the best features of Java like its Object-Oriented Structure and its lightning-fast JVM runtime environment with a modern twist.

As a functional programming language, Scala enables engineers to elevate the quality of their code to resemble pure math. Scala allows for concurrent programming, allowing complex procedures to be executed in parallel. In addition, it is a strongly typed language. Engineers can create and customize their own data types by letting them to have the peace of mind knowing entire swaths of bugs are impossible at runtime.

4. Go

One of the core languages favored by Google, Go is the little language. As a low-level language, Go is ideal for engineers of best btech colleges in Jaipur who want to enter the field of systems programming. It encompasses some same functionality of C and C++ without the difficult syntax and steep learning curve. It is the perfect language for building web servers, data pipelines, and even machine-learning packages.

As a compiled language, Go runs “close to the metal,” enabling for a blazing-fast runtime. It is an open-source language, and ambitious developers can see their personal contributions adopted and enjoyed by programmers all over the world.

5. Python

Python is perhaps the most user-friendly programming language these days. It is often said that Python’s syntax is clear, intuitive, and almost English-like, which, like Java, makes it a popular choice for beginners.

Python has a wide variety of applications that make it a versatile, powerful option when choosing the best programming language for your use case. If students of engineering colleges India are interested in back-end web development then the open-source Django framework, written in Python, is popular, easy to learn, and feature-rich. Django has been used in the development of some popular sites like Instagram, Mozilla, and Spotify.

Also, Python has packages like NumPy and SciPy that are commonly used in the fields of scientific computing, mathematics, and engineering. Other Python libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, and OpenCV are used to build programs in data science, image processing, machine learning, and computer vision. Python's science and data applications make it a great choice for the academically inclined.


When deciding which programming language to learn, it is essential for the students of Engg colleges not to get caught up in flashy trends and popularity contests. The best programming languages to learn in 2021 will continue to be true for the next several years as well.

Although the field of computer programming is changing with a fast pace, the languages have a great deal of staying power. By learning one or more of these languages, an individual can have an excellent position not only for this year but in the years to come.

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