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Top 5 Phone Location Tracker You Should Know in 2020

Your Phone got stolen? And you don’t know what to do next?

In this article, we will be talking about the top 5 Phone location tracker which you should know in the year 2020. But before we proceed further let’s take a byte to understand what is GPS? So, GPS (Global Positioning System) is a technology to know the exact geographical position of someone. This technology has been used in a tracking device for many years. It also comes handy for navigation in cars and other vehicles. So here are the 5 top Phone location tracker in the list:-


The first app that makes it our list is Hoverwatch. To talk about its features, it attracts GPS Signals and collects signals Wi-Fi and sensor information to the user control panel so one can find the target phone with their exact location. However, there are both good and the bad things in this app. It offers a simple and easy to use UI and can be used in the stealth mode and does not required any rooting.

Though it Cannot be installed in the target phone without physically accessing it.

Highster Mobile

The second app which is on our list is the Highster mobile. The good thing about this app is that it enables all the good features, including call logs, text messages, address books, emails, GPS tracking, and iMessages. It also shows you the videos, photos, emails sent and received, bookmarks, and browser history.

To talk about more, it’s quite basic and Only one-time fee however affordable thereafter. It has a free lifetime upgrading offer. The front camera makes this app a spying effective. However, It is good only for basic monitoring.

Flexi App

Another app in the list is designed to help parents to monitor and control their kids’ activities on the internet using devices like smartphones. The flexi app can be installed without the knowledge of the second person. It continues to track the activities online and collects the data.


Now we have one of the best phone trackers on this list. We are saying this because Spyzie app has diverse features that enable the quality tracking of target devices.

This app presents the data by tracking GPS, tracking keyloggers, web browsing history, monitoring and IM chats.

The feature of this app includes spying on text messages, phone logs, the social media network, mobile phone data, Geofencing, and browser history.

Parents can track mobile phone data like videos, photos, files, voice memos, contact lists, reminders.


Spyic is the last app which makes it our list of top 5 phone location tracker. It has a feature like good phone monitoring solution. Allows you to track a device’s location and a lot can be done. This app gives a tough competition to many available apps. Spyic also works quietly in stealth mode to track the device’s location. The third person will never get the idea about it unless you yourself reveal it.

We at Arya College which is one of the Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur have publish this article to help all of us.

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