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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Tips on how to make the right career decision – Admissions 2021

Make the right career decision

After completing senior secondary, everyone wishes to make the right career decision. Arya College has built industrial alliances with Top MNC’s worldwide. Also, It ensures high educational standards, up-to-date and forward-thinking curricula, and professional relevance. So, a Best BTech College in Rajasthan, you will have a distinct advantage through exposure to the corporate standard environment through industry-sponsored infrastructure and expert faculty.

Working at Top Engineering College

Innovation and changes are an integral part of a human’s life. However, at Top Engineering College Jaipur, you are facing a new future, positioning yourself to write a fresh story on a clean slate. It is a perfect place for discovery, where the students, as well as the faculties, will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and take on new roles for their future.

As one of the best BTech colleges for engineering, Arya is privileged for being technical, friendly, and innovative. Also, it provides you with the opportunity to become an eminent part of a dynamic and growing institution for better career decision.

ACEIT is well- known for its positive workplace environment. The college tends to exhibit a common set of characteristics that will foster your excellence, productivity, and camaraderie. The people acknowledge the environment of appreciation, reward, and acknowledgment.

The university includes global industry leaders in many different ways:

1. Advisory Board

The unique advisory board consists of senior functionaries from various multinational organizations. However, it helps the students of Top Engineering Colleges in India in strategic planning to lay the roadmap to future endeavors. Further, it provides a global perspective, corporate culture, quality, corporate practices, etc. through brainstorming and strategic planning sessions.

2. Board of Studies

Each board of studies has technical experts that work from applicable industries. However, they actively support and monitor the planning and execution of academic programs; providing regular support and recommendations to the faculty members of Best BTech College in Jaipur. However, the representatives hail from various multinational companies (career choices).

3. Faculty Empowerment Program

Faculty development is essential for improving teacher effectiveness at Engineering Colleges in Jaipur at all levels of the educational continuum. After all, industrial houses provide faculty of the colleges with opportunities for training and development through faculty empowerment programs on a regular basis. It provides a quality edge to the teaching-learning process.

4. Expert Sessions and Industrial Visits

Industrial connoisseurs regularly visit Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. However, they provide first-hand exposure to corporate culture, industrial requirements, the latest technological advancements, and career options. In addition, it involves interactive sessions with the students.

Students are given the opportunity to have hands-on experience in industrial operation and setup through mandatory industrial visits. However, it is only possible because of the fine feathered industry interface maintained at various levels.

5. Robust industry interface

The enthusiasm for innovative projects shows by the students at Arya 1st old Campus completely matched by the industry. It is through continuous guidance and supervision from the sponsoring industrial houses. These multi-faceted collaborations offer experiential learning through projects, professional competence, internships, enhanced placement opportunities, and skill enhancement.

6. Placement Summary

Arya is one of the best engineering colleges Rajasthan to provide the best placements. Therefore, it attracts all the top recruiters from TCS to Amazon from the world. On the basis of Pre- Placement Talks and On-Campus Interviews, the recruiters select the right candidate for the placement from the Arya College. The College always proved itself as the best college to provide the highest-paid placements. The entire process of placement takes four to five months.

An individual can follow a placement process philosophy for proper guidance. The management of the Placement process by the Colleges takes place in several stages. The stages are:

  • Pre- Placement Talks – The pre-placement talks are the significant stage of the placement. It was conducted in an Air-Conditioned Auditorium equipped with the latest Audio-Visual Electronic Devices. The auditorium serves you with a capacity of around 700 people.
  • Written/Online Exam (Aptitude Test) – Arya conducts an Aptitude test to determine the ability of the students in a specific field. The college has 2000 notes. In other words, the college can conduct an online exam for 2000 students in a single sitting. This exam is helpful for the candidates to know their field of knowledge.
  • Group Discussions (GD) – ACEIT has three group discussion rooms, used for the group discussion during the placement process. The group discussion will help individuals build confidence.
  • Personal Interviews (PI) – The engineering colleges in Rajasthan have a number of well- equipped rooms for the final stage of the placement including Personal Interview (PI). The PI decides the placement of an individual.

7. Global outlook

Arya has a global outlook and our internationalization strategy ensures this perspective in everything we do. After all, Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan attracts world-class academics that have wide-ranging influence and are champions for international activity. However, we have links with various international institutions worldwide and over 50+ international students’ study with us each year. Therefore, this says that you are graduating with a truly global perspective, which employer’s value.

8. Incubation center

Arya College offers an Incubation Centre that offers self-employment and teaches to earn and show the potential at a young age only. It is essential that the potential skills of the students should be identified, tap their knowledge, and mold them so that they can start their own business after their engineering education. So, this will be the best platform to learn, earn, experience, and expertise in their concerned fields or areas.

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