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Things to consider before outsourcing software development

Key considerations when outsourcing software development

It is obvious for the startups to outsource some parts of their software development. There is a host of reasons why most startups resort to outsourcing rather than hiring an in-house software developer. The reasons could range from cost, the need for different expertise, a lack of time to develop the software alone, to the need to put the task in more experienced hands.

There are key factors a startup entrepreneur should consider before taking diving into outsourcing software development. Below is a rundown of some of those key considerations startups should consider.

Nature of the Software

Before outsourcing software development to another company, it is significant for the experts graduated from MBA Colleges in Jaipur to understand their key competencies. It means important qualities deemed by the company that an employee should possess. The rule of thumb is that an individual cannot outsource their key competency/competencies whatever the circumstances.

Similarly, a good practice is only to outsource operational products like reservation systems or process automation. For creative products like chip design programs, consumer games, or architectural renderings, do them in-house.

Technology standard

Outsourcing is also depending on the establishment of the technology standard of the software. If interested professionals intend for the technology to feature the most up-to-date technologies, then they need to do it in-house. However, simple software helps them to opt for the lowest cost solution which is outsourcing.


Cost is among the most essential considerations when it comes to getting any service or product. Outsourcing may provide a cheaper cost depending on what aspirants of Top MBA Colleges or freelance entrepreneurs want to accomplish. While considering outsourcing, always think about the costs in the short-run versus the long run. Usually, outsourcing tends to provide better costs in the short run, but may not in the long run.

Intellectual Property Considerations

While preparing to entrust the software development to a different independent company, it is significant for a person starting their startup plans to understand legal jurisdictions. They must fortify their intellectual property against any theft and misuse by coming up with contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

Ability to get the skills required

Most businesses need the input of a diverse range of resources and skills which willing candidates of Best MBA Colleges might not be able to acquire full time. For instance, you might not be able to afford software architects, designers, and testers as full-time employees. The beauty of outsourcing is that it will permit you to access the resources when and as you need them.


In conclusion, if a young entrepreneur has a typical startup and they agree with their co-founders to work on the first product without pay is completely fine. Software outsourcing in such a case may not be appropriate.

However, if your firm is not software-oriented and you need some software-related work to be done, you can consider outsourcing rather than hiring a team of software developers.

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