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The myth about CS and IT engineering courses

Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering Courses

In the earlier days, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering were only reliable streams. But the boom in Silicon Valley influenced the engineers during the early 1970s. For both big and small companies, IBM had started rolling out mainframe computers. The establishment provides the importance of modules like accessibility or user interface. Nowdays CS and IT engineering courses raise globally.

History of CS and IT engineering courses

These events created a massive demand for CS engineers of top engineering colleges and technician’s proficient in writing code. In order to meet this demand, top universities have changed their engineering curriculum drastically to suit industry needs.

Until the late 90s, mechanical and civil engineering was still the preferred choice amongst students. As Indians started combining computers into their daily lives and foreign companies started turning to young Indian talent for IT services, the evolution of engineering colleges in India began.

Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology engineering are the pillars on which the modern technological revolution has spread its wings. Engineering aspirants choose CS and IT branches with the declaration of results and ranks. Today, every digital appliance has functionalities related within the guidance of CS and IT engineers.

The world's biggest corporation and the richest person in the world, both remain closely connected to the CS and IT industry. This highlights the impact that these companies have had over the recent years. The tech business has now outpaced them all and emerged as the pathway to future innovations. It ranges from oil drilling companies and automobile and weapon manufacturing.

The difference in placements for CS and IT engineering

CS is necessarily proposing a scientific approach to computers. Every aspect of modern-day computing is rationalized and explained to CS students of Top Engineering Colleges Rajasthan. The choice 15 years ago would have been a no brainer. Because of a lack of engineers in the computer industry at that time, CS engineers were much more preferable over their IT counterparts due to their versatility.

In the present situations, IT engineers of Top BTech Colleges Jaipur have created a strong place for themselves in the industry. With so many CS graduates in the current jobs market, companies have more interest in specific and niche skills. While CS is still a highly valued field, IT is no longer a less attractive option for individuals.

The main difference showed in CS and IT was the uncovered fundamentals. However, recruiters are less interested in course structure at engineering colleges these days due to declining standards of graduating CS and IT engineers in the country. Now, the emphasis more on the ability to handle specific tasks like data mining, internet security, computer and network architecture etc.

A good IT engineer of top information technology college is much more valuable than an average CS engineer. If an engineer possesses an appropriate skill set, then he/she is never going to struggle looking for a job.

In terms of making a choice, industry forces have made the choice or selection very simple. Engineering aspirants can choose whichever branch appeals the most to them without worrying about job prospects. The dynamic landscape of the tech industry will always offer enough jobs for decent CS and IT engineers.

Salary differences in CS and IT engineering

For many students, salary is the primary factor. After four demanding years of engineering, nothing lights a CS or IT engineer’s face better than a very good salary package. Average salaries across both fields are quite similar. Due to the general overpopulation of CS and IT engineers in the country, packages have decreased drastically over the past few years. Average packages for CS is Rs. 3.38 LPA and Rs. 3.61 LPA for IT engineers of top engineering colleges.

Keep in mind that these packages are an average total of CS and IT engineers from all colleges. Engineers from top private engineering colleges are offered much higher packages. As expected, there is not a great difference in packages for CS and IT engineers. This trend is expected to continue further, as internet integration into different electronic devices still remains a great opportunity. The universality of electronic devices will guide a new phase in the tech industry.

Future concern for computer science

Computer science is a pure science. A student studying computer science in engineering colleges Rajasthan becomes a CS engineer, while in pure terms he/she is actually a computer scientist.

Many people tend to ignore this big flaw. Using computer science (CS) course as engineering major is not the right direction to approach like a broad and vivid field. Consider other engineering disciplines like ECE or Mechanical. Both fields have a clear agenda to treat every subject on the basis of a practical phenomenon which directly goes into use in industries.

Every engineering field is based upon a pure science. Mechanical has classical physics, civil has structural physics, chemical has chemistry and EC has electrodynamics. Computer science has computer science. Instead of trying to force specific factors into CS by dropping portions, the focus should turn to perfecting the IT curriculum. For better all round education and competition, CS should be turned into top BTech course.


The analysis of CS or IT course structure in terms of salary and growth, it is apparent that IT is a more sustainable field with better growth. Top engineering colleges in India are still setting CS cutoffs highest every year. So, As far as the near future goes, CS will be the most recognized branch of engineering in India.

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