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Scholarships for women in engineering

Scholarships for Women at Engineering Colleges in India

Education is the first and foremost step towards women empowerment and development of the society. Women education plays an important role in bringing about the development of the society. A society could not progress, without educating them. In fact, the overall development of the society depends upon the level of education of the women at Top Engineering Colleges in India.

The Indian women have started proving their courage in various fields. They are topping the list of the school education, college exams, competitive exams and many more. They seem to have acquired an astounding pace of progress, be it the profession of a doctor, an engineer, bureaucrat, technocrat or business. Many engineering colleges Rajasthan especially government have come forward to support their endeavour. Scholarships are considered as one of the most effective ways of extending support to the women education in India.

The Government of India, Private organizations and overseas institutions or universities run following scholarship programmes for girl students to cater to their various kinds of educational needs.

Scholarships for engineering students – Government-funded

A major portion of scholarships contributed by different government departments at central and state level for students to pursue studies at the level of Best Engineering Colleges India. Moreover, to ensure that the upcoming generation is well-versed in both technical and professional skills, it offers scholarships for engineering graduates, medical students, research students, law aspirant and more. The financial assistance renders through scholarships and helps them in acquiring their dream career without any financial constraint. Both the central and the state government offer scholarships to help an individual pursue engineering from a top engineering college in Jaipur and excel in the same field.

Scholarships for engineering students – Funded by Central Government

The government of India hosts a number of scholarship schemes to promote technical and professional education among today’s students. No matter whether you want to pursue an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree in Engineering from best btech colleges, the government has something good to offer for you at each level. Every year, the government gathers thousands of crores for the sake of education out of which hundreds of crores worth scholarships are disbursed to meritorious and needy students. Some of the scholarships funded by the government includes Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities, Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses CS (Minorities), Scholarships for Top Class Education for Students with Disabilities or more.

Scholarships for engineering students – Funded by State Government

Besides the contribution made by the central government, the state governments also offer scholarships to provide financial assistance to the students of btech colleges India who aspire to pursue a career in engineering. These scholarships balance the cost of pursuing an engineering degree. Announced separately by the state governments, an individual can find the information about the scholarships for engineering students either at the National Scholarship Portal or respective state’s portal.

Some of the scholarships funded by the state government includes PRERANA Post Matric Scholarship for ST/SC/OBC/SEBC/EBC Communities, Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Minorities, State Merit Scholarship or more.

Scholarships for engineering students – Private funded

When it comes to scholarships for engineering students of the list of engineering colleges in India, there are numerous private players as well who offer scholarships to fund the education of engineering aspirants. These private players can be either government/private colleges, private organisations, institutions, universities, NGOs or foundations. Aiming towards a common goal, these scholarships are making engineering education easily accessible for both meritorious and underprivileged students all over the country. Some of the scholarships funded by the private institutions or organizations includes Energy & Mobility for the Future Scholarship, Gaurav Foundation Scholarship, Harish-Chandra Research Institute Visiting Students Program in Physics, Baba Gurbachan Singh Scholarship Scheme or more.

Scholarships for Engineering Students – Especially for girls

Nobody can deny from the fact that there are about 9 to 10 scholarships available exclusively for girls who are willing to pursue a career in engineering. Therefore, it is important for the students of best btech colleges in India to understand the scholarships offered in the country especially for girls who aspire to emerge as successful engineers in the near future. Both the government and private organisations offer scholarships to girls which ensures that finances do not become a hurdle in their pathway to success. Some of the scholarships funded especially for girls in India includes Adobe India Women-in-Technology Scholarship, Dr Reddy’s Foundation Sashakt Scholarship, Fair and Lovely Foundation Scholarship, L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship, etc.

Scholarships for engineering students – Selective list

The top and selected scholarships for women engineering students prevailing in India mainly offered by private organisations, NGOs and the government.

North South Foundation (NSF) Scholarship

This scholarship offered to the students who have passed their Class XII and want to continue their studies in the field of engineering from top btech colleges or medicine. The scholarship up to INR 25,000 will be given to them for the entire course whose family annual income is less than INR 90,000.

Sahu Jain Trust Loan Scholarship

If an individual is looking to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate course in technical subjects like Medical, Engineering, Infotech or MBA, they can fund their education with this loan scholarship. Under this scholarship scheme, they can win the cash amount ranging from INR 2500 per annum to INR 25,000 per annum.

Swami Dayanand Education Foundation Merit-cum-Means Scholarships

This is a merit-cum-means based scholarships for women students pursuing engineering from engineering colleges in India, IT, pharmacy, medical and architecture courses from a recognized government or private institutions. Graduates can stand a chance to win a scholarship up to INR 50,000 per annum under this scheme.

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