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Pros & Cons of the Internet of Things

Ways you will directly benefit from the Internet of Things

In today’s high paced world, the Internet of things has been a buzzword. The Internet of things is a core technology of the present time. IoT is a network of physical electronic devices that connects via the internet. Applications of IoT work in various domains and this reflects the importance of IoT. However, the fact remains that there are many challenges and issues related to the use of IoT.

Here are some advantages of the internet of things:

Access information

Students of Computer Science Engineering at B Tech Colleges can easily access data and information even while sitting far from their location, in real-time. However, this is possible because of the network of devices; a person can access any information sitting from any part of the globe. This makes it very convenient for people to go about their work, even if they are not physically present.


Better communication is possible over a network of interconnected devices. It makes the communication of devices more transparent, which reduces inefficiencies. Processes, where the machine has to communicate with each other, are made more efficient and produce better, faster results. For instance, it includes machinery at a manufacturing or production unit.


Communication between electronic devices is made easier because of IoT. This helps people in daily tasks. In addition, users of Btech Computer science can transfer their data packets over a connected network in order to save time and money. The same data that takes a long time to transfer can now complete in less time due to IoT.


Automation is the need of the hour to manage everyday tasks. It does not consider human intervention. Automating tasks in business helps boost the quality of services and reduce the level of human intervention.

The Undermentioned are some disadvantages of the internet of things:

Privacy & security

In today’s technological world, each and every device that an individual uses connects via the internet. In addition, this increases the risk of any leakage of important data. However, this is a major drawback of sharing information, as confidential information is not safe and it could be easily hacked by third parties.


A diverse network that connects various devices is known as IoT. A single loophole can affect the entire system. However, the most complicated aspect of the internet of things creates a tremendous effect at one time.

Lesser jobs

With the automation of every task, the need for human labor will reduce drastically. As a result, this will have a direct impact on employability. While moving into the future of IoT, there will be a visible decline in the hiring process of professionals.


The country is witnessing a major shift in technology and its implementation in everyday lives. After all, nobody can deny from the fact that technology is dominating our lifestyle and reflecting a human’s dependability on technology. In the case of a bug in the system, there are high chances of every similar device getting corrupted.

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