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Parental pressure and stress on children

Prevent the biggest stress of Engineering Colleges graduates

A secure and happy family environment is the bare necessity for the healthy growth and development of a child. In India, academics and education have been the traditional focal points of stress. Parental pressure for students of Engineering Colleges to excel in their studies has been unusually high. A persuasive need to excel in academics coming from the family, often tend to abuse and lowering morale is one of the greatest causes for failure and breakdown.

Impact of sports career on students’ pressure

With the rise of sports and entertainment as high revenue businesses in India, the traditional career focus has turned to these fields. However, most of the Indian parents are unable to shrug off the need to pursue academics simultaneously. They tend to force their children into becoming an all-rounder and often end up as victims rather than success stories.

Psychological Impact on Children

India has one of the highest suicide rates among teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 29 or especially in most of the Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Failure in examinations is among the top 10 reasons for suicide in the country while family problems rest among the top three. Most of these suicides are a result of parental pressure and high expectations, not suitable for the student’s skills or interests.

Even in most of the cases where suicide is not on the child’s mind, such undue pressure comes from parents. Also, it includes people who are charged with nurturing and caring for the child. It leads to a number of psychological issues, manifesting in different stages of youth and adulthood. This is usually seen at the B Tech Colleges in Jaipur.

Signs that show your child's stress

  1. Disinterest is one of the greatest signs of a stressed child. Lack of interest in studies, television, playtime, and entertainment, or outdoor activities, are revealing signs that says something is not quite right. While students of Top Private Engineering Colleges investigate the cause. They must also look out for extraordinary fatigue, disturbed sleep patterns, lack of sleep, etc.
  2. Watch out for a frequent period of “sickness”. This is a common sign among the students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Stomach aches, frequent headaches, and induce nausea are some ways that young individuals. They may deal with fear or anxiety in general or with regard to one particular activity.
  3. Negativity and negative behavior are almost revealing when we talk about their state of mind. Negative behavior could include mood swings, aggression, social isolation or refusal to interact with peers and anxiety.

How to create positive parenting?

  1. Introspect - Introspection is a key element of parenting. After a long day, students of B Tech College in Jaipurmust review their interactions with child/ward. It includes questions like have these interactions been one-sided or does your child have the right to disagree? Has your own behavior been compelling rather than understanding and inspiring?
  2. Encourage - Encouragement, coming from parents, can be a stepping stone to success in the lives of the students of Top Engineering Colleges. However, they are a key player in their life and shall be the one your child will depend on to teach him/her confidence, hard work, and excellence.
  3. Interact - Some of the best times you can spend with the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur are those when they are playing, laughing and participating in fun or leisure activities. This will allow them to build their friendship.

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