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Networking fundamentals with Wide Area Network (WAN)

What do you need to know about WAN networking?

Networks are a collection of peripherals, servers, computers, devices, and mainframes. However, it combines to establish a system for the efficient and effective flow of information. With this, it is easy to send a Whatsapp message or electronic invitation. But there is a mountain of all these servers, devices and computers that ensures that the text user sends reaches its desired location with ease.

There are different types of networks. Some of them are based on the specific requirements of the users. One of the highly applicable network types is popular as a Wide Area Network (WAN).

What is a Wide Area Networking Technology?

Wide Area Network is set in a large geographical area. It usually consists of cities and countries that connect systems and devices across oceans. Wide Area Network is more costly to utilize and leads to more rapid information flow. WAN users range from businesses, government entities and education institutes to communicate. However, they transfer data to various users consisting of suppliers, clients, and students of Engineering Colleges spread across the entire globe.

It is particularly useful for carrying out business operations without the hurdle of long distances. They connect through multiple LANs, which results in a massive connection. It is essential for network enthusiasts and professionals to have adequate training for this network type.

How are WANs Connected?

The distance covered by WAN technology is high. It prefers to connect different parts and components of WAN with a virtual private network. However, it ensures a secure flow of communication between sites. WANs also implement through dial-up internet, fiber-optic communication, ISDN, Leased Line, SD-WAN, frame relay, and synchronous optical networking. Furthermore, WANs usually built through lease lines that also link with routers. It connects the LANs on both of its ends.

What are the different types of WAN technology?

There are two primary types of Wide Area Network, including:

  1. Dedicated Connection - A Dedicated Connection has a dedicated line for communication purposes. These dedicated lines include Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and Leased Line.
  2. Switched Connection - A Switched Connection is a connection with a physical path for a single connection. They are further classified into cell switched networks, packet-switched networks, and circuit-switched networks.

Why it is essential to optimize WAN networking?

Optimization helps in maximizing the efficiency of data flow and improves the speed of access to important applications and information. The entire process of WAN optimization consists of a variety of procedures like traffic shaping which allows for categorizing and prioritizing traffic so that bandwidth can be allotted accordingly.

Furthermore, compression enables the shrinking of the size of data to restrict bandwidth utilization, along with data caching. It regularly and consistently accesses and stores on a local file in order to quickly access it. Moreover, a significant part of WAN optimization is data monitoring to detect non-essential traffic and limit it by implementing various rules pertaining to downloads and internet usage.

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