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Mobile Apps to boost your B Tech career

Best learning Mobile apps to help advance your career

Most of the individuals are already using their smartphones to shop. They also play games, get news updates and avoid their family during holidays get. Therefore, it is necessary for B Tech students to advance their careers as well. It ranges from building an eye-catching resume to building your professional network. The following mobile apps are designed to help them take the next step so that they can get to the next level in their careers.

Find your calling

  1. Pathsource - Path source helps students of Engineering Colleges find the career that is right for them based on various personality assessments and tests. One key feature is the Lifestyle Assessment, which determines the ideal salary needed to support the lifestyle they lead. From there, it recommends various careers that both match their career interests and have average salaries that support your lifestyle.
  2. Good&Co - With the goal of bringing “greater happiness and meaning to your career,” Good&Co uses fun quizzes and personality assessments to help students of Top Engineering Colleges discover their unique skills and strengths. It draws from thousands of company profiles to match them with companies and positions that align with these attributes.

Build your resume

  1. Resume Star - With Resume Star, students of B Tech College in Jaipur just fill in their information and the app produces a clean, correctly formatted PDF resume. With this, they can email directly, post online or print out. The app is free to download and use. Instead, the developers ask that an individual submit payment once they get an interview.
  2. VisualCV Resume Builder - Whether students of B Tech Colleges need a completely new resume or to enhance an existing one. With VisualCV, you can import and modify an existing resume in Word or PDF to build a new one from a variety of templates.

Research salaries

  1. PayTrends - PayTrends aggregates company data and employee salaries from all over the world to help students of Top Private Engineering Colleges assess their worth. However, find out how much they should or could be making based on their background. It includes location, industry, company and other factors. You can also see salary and compensation by company, industry segment, and location and along the years of experience.
  2. WageSpot - WageSpot helps individuals see how they compare to their peers by providing salary information by age, gender, location, and commute time and job satisfaction. However, WageSpot gathers salary data from its users, who enter their salary information upon first opening the app.

Add skills to your resume

  1. Udemy - Udemy is an online learning platform. It offers courses in everything from programming to marketing to design to cake decorating. With the mobile app, students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur can watch videos. Also, they can access course documents, and even purchase Udemy courses wherever they are.
  2. Udacity - Udacity helps anyone learn how to code with mobile-optimized courses in HTML, Java, CSS, and others, taught by experts from Google and Facebook. They can download videos for offline viewing.

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