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Microsoft outlook add ons for businesses

List of best plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client with many businesses due to its dependability and intuitive interface. It is also compatible with a large number of third-party add-ons. It can be used to streamline tasks and increase productivity.

The most ideal add-ons for business users should be user-friendly while making daily tasks easier to manage. Here is a list of Microsoft Outlook add-ons designed to help them work more efficiently, back up their files, manage their workflow and make life a whole lot easier.

Ever note for outlook

Evernote is an app design to aid with note-taking, organizing and archiving. The Evernote for Outlook add-ons provides the convenience of keeping project notes and emails in one place and makes it easy to share them with the rest of your team. Emails and attachments from Outlook integrate seamlessly with your Evernote account. However, the add-on can use alongside Outlook composer.

Total outlook converter pro

Total Outlook Converter Pro is an effective and user-friendly tool for backing up and saving thousands of emails as PDF or DOC files. This way student of MBA Colleges can be opened without any email program. Alternatively, users can save emails as an EML file. It is the standard for most email programs nowadays. The process completes via a batch process and can be a huge time saver for legal practices.


Trello is a task management app that is available as an Outlook add-on. It enables users to add important emails to a virtual board. It is easily viewable by members of the team. From there, tasks can assign and mark as “in-progress” or “complete.” This makes it easy to view who’s working on what project.

Mail Washer

Mailwasher is a spam filter that blocks spam on the server before you even download it to your computer. It is freely available to all. The program also enables students of Top MBA Colleges to check emails on the server before they download them. Also, it allows them to remove any unwanted emails with a single click. Frequent contacts can add to a friend’s list in order to make sure they go through.

Sender’s Time Zone

It is not uncommon for a company to have teams of developers and outsourced workers from different parts of the world. If you conduct a significant amount of business with individuals or companies in different time zones, Sender’s Time Zone is a must-have. However, this app shows the time zone of the other party in every incoming and outgoing email. It is a lot more convenient than having to do a Google search in order to figure out time zone differences.

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