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Internship Guide for Students of Engineering Colleges

How to Get an Internship: a Guide for Students of Engineering Colleges

There are many different reasons why internships can be great opportunities for students of Engineering Colleges. They might be ready for the workplace yet, unsure about which career path to take, or think their CV could do a lot. Whatever the reason, an internship could be the perfect way for individuals to prepare for their future career.

What are internships?

An internship is simply a period of work experience within a company for a limited period of time. Unlike more casual work experience or volunteering that students of Top Engineering Colleges might have carried out at university, interns usually have a specific job role and tasks to carry out. These roles are typically advertised publicly with a formal application process. While unpaid internships do exist, recent negative media coverage of them has led to more and more internships. It provides a salary or at least expenses.

Companies also often use internships to recruit full-time staff. It essentially uses them as a trial period before deciding whether to take someone on permanently. If students of Best Engineering Colleges play their cards right, there is a chance an internship could lead to their first graduate job.

How long do internships last?

The tenure of internships depends on different factors. They can last between anything from a couple of weeks to a whole year. It depends on what the internship is for and which company it is with.

Student internships tend to last two to three months over the summer break, whereas graduate internships at Top 10 Engineering Colleges are generally longer. But again, this varies hugely.

Can you do an internship at university?

Depending on the schedule, students of B Tech Colleges may be able to arrange a part-time internship which fits around their uni-work. On the other hand, working with a company one or two days a week allows individuals to have a full-time internship during their holidays.

Benefits of doing an internship

There are lots of great benefits to dedicating some time to doing an internship.

  1. Hands-on experience – Students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur will acquire some great transferable skills. It will be useful no matter where they end up after the internship.
  2. A taste of a potential career path – Think of an internship as a no-strings opportunity to try working in the industry, students must enjoy, without the commitment of a long-term employment contract.
  3. Useful connections– Students of B Tech College in Jaipur guaranteed to meet lots of new people. They could come in useful when they are applying for jobs in the future. They might find someone to become their mentor. Moreover, if they make a good impression they could get a shining reference out of it.
  4. Experience for your CV– While their degree and grades are super important, employers like to see that individuals have practical experience in a workplace environment. Make sure students know how to really sell it on their CV. It includes talking about specific projects they worked on and the successes they achieved.

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