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Innovative project ideas for Computer Science students

What are some innovative project ideas for Computer Science students?

B Tech computer science discipline integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer software and hardware. It is all the rage with the industry today. There are some innovative project ideas for Computer Science students from all over the internet. These are simple and interesting while providing a solution that could come in handy in real-life scenarios.

Event management system

Event management system (EMS) is a web-based application. It supports online registration and feedback evaluation for event training programs such as games, seminars, and workshops. Also, it helps program attendees, organizers, authors and the reviewers from the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur in their respective activities. Development of event management system is an attempt to address the problems of feedback forms, managing registration forms, and evaluating feedback.

Medical Information System (MIS)

Medical information system (MIS) is developed by the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur in the C programming language. It allows users to enter patient information, medical information, etc. The system will store this information in.DAT data file. Users can update, search, and delete this information.

MIS is a desktop application and a DOS-based and GUI menu-driven application. It can run on any Windows operating system and does not require any supporting or licenses software to run. However, users can operate all the menu options using a mouse, despite this being a DOS-based system.

Unique ID management

UID Number is a number that would help the government to track down individuals of Best Computer Science Colleges. This UID management system will contain personal details like name, sex, address, marital status, photo, identification mark and fingerprint biometric. UID will be a 12 digit alphanumeric number to provide more security. UID system manages a person’s needs in his/her lifespan by using a single UID. However, it includes the number used in driving license, voter ID card, registration number in organizations, bank account, personal or professional details.

Web-based application for automatic timetable generation

The manual system of timetable preparation in Computer Science Colleges in Jaipur is very monotonous and time-consuming. It results in either the same teachers ending up with more than one class at a time.

Due to a non-automatic perspective, absolute utilization of resources has proven ineffective. In order to deal with such problems, a mechanized system with a computer-aided timetable generator is designed.

Emotion-based music player

In this proposed system, the facial expression extracted will generate a playlist automatically for the students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. However, it reduces the effort and time involved in rendering the process manually.

Testing of the system is done both on user-dependent (dynamic) and user-independent (static) dataset. An in-built camera captures the facial features. The accuracy of the emotion detection algorithm used in the system for real-time images is around 85-90%, while for static images it is around 98- 100%.

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