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Influence of Technology on the Generation

Influence of Technology

Technology… the word says it all. Today, the whole globe is around the technology. Technology has influenced every individual, either positively or negatively. The adaption of technology totally depends on the perception of the individual. If used wisely, the technology can solve many problems. Arya College Jaipur helps the student to balance the technology in their lives. Today, I am going to tell you some major points on how technology influenced the generation. As we all know, the rapid evolution of technology in the workplace leads to the surge of digital tools. However, this surge has created a gap between the generations. The companies with digital tools encounter challenges of addressing the different generation in the same place.

Diversification in the process of Communication

Everyone has a different perspective to outlook the technology. The new generation has a completely different way to look at the technology, and this signifies their attitude at work. The young employees will use their Smartphone and other digital tools for the work at the office, while the old generation people will stick to the traditional medium. These differences may create some differences. Nowadays, most companies are using Hangout and other group-messaging apps for communication instead of using emails. However, it does not signify that we cannot demolish this gap. The leaders of the company can resolve the problem by motivating the employees to use the new technologies with ease in the transition.

A new set of Professional Skills

The use of technology has risen exponentially in the past few years. In this league, it created the space and demand for the skills of technology. In today’s world, it is hard to find talented people. However, once you find, you will see the talented people are mostly from a young age. It is due to the skills gap, which the companies encounter in their employees. The people are either tech-savvy or the people with the hard copies. Sometimes, it is hard for the old generation to understand the job profile and the buzzwords used by the young generation. The communication gap does not show that young employees are doing something beyond their knowledge or understanding. It is all about the changes in the communication and technology skills gap.

An approach towards the Work-life balance

The new generation employees are much concerned about the values of innovations, creativity, and flexibility in the workplace. On the other hand, the old generation employees want to work as the traditional values i.e. coming on time, working during the work hours, going home on time, etc. In the modern time, the companies are more likely to collaborate with the peoples with the technical skills. As the time, demand more mobile and remote workers for the effective functioning of the company. The companies are looking forward to the digital collaboration and different communication models. As a result, the technical friendly environment is a prerequisite for the young generation as it facilitates them to be productive form any part of the world. Therefore, in the workplace, people should be more techno-savvy. Arya College of Engineering and IT guides its student to become techno-savvy and effective employee simultaneously. Arya college is one of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur. Even Arya is also the best place for B Tech, M Tech and MBA aspirants.

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