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Importance of Soft- Skills for the Engineers

Soft Skills - Develop you personally as well as professionally

For an engineer, the assignments, projects, internships, exams are all that is crucial to them for their bright future. The aspiring engineers start fighting hard to learn the technical and hard skills as soon as they take admission in engineering colleges. Is that all you need to acquire a good position in a good company? As soon as you come to an end of your degree, you will realize that your lack of soft skills knowledge is becoming an obstacle in the path of your success. Therefore, the students should start focusing on the soft skills as soon as they take admissions in B Tech. The soft skills are essential, as they will develop you personally as well as professionally.

Engineering colleges like Arya College of Engineering and IT has a very vibrant college life. Arya College Jaipur has students from various parts of the country. They come up with a different culture, ideas, and communication skills. Other than this, the symphony between the practical knowledge and classroom learning will also provide opportunities to interact, communicate, and share. In addition to this, we have evaluated some of the major reasons to note the importance of soft skills for aspiring engineers:

Representation of Ideas

The utmost duty of an engineer is to solve the problems at their own end. The engineering courses offer the opportunity to present new ideas for the development of the product and the company. Considering both the cases, good communication skills is the major tool for influential communication. In the current scenario, the major number of clients does not understand the mathematical codes. Therefore, it is essential to have command over soft skills.

The clients are willing to have an easy and straight solution to their unsolved problems. Thus, it is vital to have skills where you should present your ideas in a more explainable and less complex way.

Constructive Communication

Being an engineer is not an easy task. You have to communicate with your superiors, clients, coordinators, etc. related to your work. Hence, to have an effective communication your communication skills should be strong. Moreover, these days communication is not restricted only to face-to-face communication. With the evolving technology, the emails, text messages, video conferencing are widely used to establish a successful communication.

There are some protocols or etiquettes, which a person has to follow during these different media of communication. The use of bold text letters in the mail or text reflects the rudeness while the use of thank you and hello are the pleasantries to be used in video conferencing.

Team Building and Teamwork

It is the fact that everyone takes admission in the best engineering colleges to develop themselves individually. However, when we move towards the end, we will realize that the teamwork, team spirit and the ability to work together is the foremost thing. Let us say, you might be excellent at work but are you able to share or communicate your ideas to the fellow team members. It is only possible if you have good communication skills and an interactive environment.

While working with a company, you have to communicate with the different people at different locations and, hence the powerful tool for the collaboration is paramount. Thus, to develop the efficiency and timeliness during the work the proactive effort is utmost importance and, it can develop with the help of good soft skills.

Feedbacks are welcome

The feedback is a result of the successful communication process. It is not necessary that you are always right, sometime you may be responsible for some errors or mistakes. Therefore, feedback and criticisms are crucial factors. Other than feedback, listening is also an integral part of the communication process.

No doubt that, the hard skills will develop the proficiency towards peculiarity and self- discipline. But the soft skills will develop the maturity, confidence, and interpersonal skills in an individual. Thus, to be a good professional, you have to rely on both the factors for your development.

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