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How to qualify the Campus Placement process of Engineering College

Step-by-step guide to qualify the Campus Placement process

Campus Placement makes up one of the most important parts of campus life. This is a make or breaks your future. It is also one last chance. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people come to BTech or Engineering college itself is the idea of getting a job immediately after the course or campus placements. Even a college that may not have adequate campus life or education to offer but having a good placement record will stand apart from the rest.

Earlier college campus placement or job fairs used to be a big pain to hold. Now, with everything online, even placement drives are online. Before that lot of time, energy and effort used to get wasted for the same. Now things actually easy for both students and recruiters. Campus Placement happens usually in the fourth year and is a common phenomenon across various engineering colleges in India. Although it depends from college to college, university to university etc.

A typical placement drive includes Eligibility criteria, Resume shortlisting (Optional), Aptitude Test/Technical Aptitude Test or both, JAM/Group Discussion (Optional), Technical/HR Interview or Both, and Offer. The entire period can happen within a day or may even happen over a period of days or weeks or even months. Campus recruitment is usually short and straightforward.

How to prepare or your Placement?

Sitting for placements is actually not a compulsory thing, but it is up to you, your ambition and your choice whether you need to sit for the same or not. You need to make your mind and stay prepared if at all you are looking into the same. That is very important for you to stay committed till the end.

Placements usually happen across a year or even more. Also, you will have a lot of distractions from your personal life, anxiety, college life, activities, academics, family pressure, and even feeling of loneliness. Since this does have a factor of luck, chances that your friends getting your friends placed even at the first attempt and you staying on till the end does have high chances. You must be mentally ready to stay not placed even when your classmates are already placed.

The most important aspect of attending is to be prepared beforehand. Remember, whatever you do must have an effect on the placements. There are certain things that students of Best Engineering Colleges in India should consider. Some of them are as follows:

1. Understand yourself

You must understand yourself first. Since you are a BTech student, most companies will be tech-oriented. Look into the job profile or the role which you are applying for, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Engineer trainee, etc. are the most commonly sought posts. Companies do roll out a document describing the requirements and their expectations.

In addition to that, you have a Business analyst, Business Associate, Sales associate, Marketer, Digital marketing associate, Content Marketing associate. etc. which are non-technical posts to understand the company profile and the job profile before applying.

Last but not least check the package and offer. On the contrary, students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur would not enjoy the job if they are not interested in it no matter how much it pays. So, take that decision wisely.

2. Resume

It is in fact the most important part of getting recruited. On-campus or Off-campus, a resume is the single most important part of your identity for a company or a recruiter. Generally, institutions do have their own format for the same and try to stick to the same. You can also check online on how to write a resume.

Your resume will include your background, contact details, educational details, your skills, experience and expertise, and a lot more. Having an excellent and charming resume is essential to your chances of getting selected.

During massive off-campus drives, recruiters do use resume shortlisting to filter out candidates and find suitable people. They will use keyword checking to filter them out, Eg- Those who know python language, the keyword “Python” will be searched for. Students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur must include educational details, technical skills, soft skills, Internship/Work Experience, Projects, Certification Courses, Extracurricular activities, Achievements and awards, Leadership roles, Include your LinkedIn profile, etc. in your resume.

3. Understand test pattern

What will be the type of test, what will be the pattern, overall time period, the syllabus of the test, the difficulty of the test, frequently asked questions, interview questions, etc. You can talk to seniors and take help in understanding the company, job profile and even the test pattern. Stay in touch with your placement and training cell for the same.

4. Know the Importance of Coding

The majority of companies include Coding tests after an MCQ round. Over one to three coding questions can be asked. You should be prepared to answer it. So, students of Best BTech Colleges in India must know at least one programming language. Usually Python, C or C++ are preferred. In addition to that learning basics of SQL is important. Some companies might not have a coding round, instead, they can question your logic instead of knowing to program as such.

5. Logical Reasoning Test

General aptitude tests come along with logical reasoning. They are very essential for engineers as they are problem solvers. This test checks your decision-making capability as well as your logical reasoning. Questions asked are patterns, numbers, sequences and series, thinking based questions, decision making, etc.

6. Interview

After your tests, if you are qualified you will enter the interview. The interview can be Technical or HR. Both evaluate a different aspect of you that was never tested during your tests. Given that interviews are dependent on the interviewer, there is a lot of subjectivity involved. Technical Interview can be of two types including a mere verbal Q/A or it can be a test of your technical skills by giving you a problem and asking you to solve it then and there. It can also be a coding round.

What happens Post Placement?

After all this, you are done with all the procedures. You will get the result mostly by mail or through a call. It depends on the company when the results will come. Although do not wait for the results. Start registering for the next and keep preparing.

If you get selected you will receive an offer letter. You must accept the offer letter in order to join the company. Following that the company will send you an appointment letter indicating all the other details. Depending upon the college rules you can choose to sit for higher options or not.

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