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How to Find Out How Much Actual Website Traffic Gets?

Are you an SEO Executive? Find out Actual Website Traffic

If we have to say what food is for the human body, the audience is for the websites. Once the website is built every one become curious to know the actual website traffic counts. And to optimise the websites on search engines we need the analytics.

There are a few available tools which you can use to know the exact website traffic count.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. SEMrush
  3. Similarweb

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is widely popular among all. It is a free tool by Google which provides insights which are quite important for you. These insights help you to improve the presence of your website on search engines or actual website traffic. Google Analytics allows you to know the following things:-

  • Visitor counts
  • Location of the visitors
  • Average spent time by visitor
  • Traffic source
  • Make conversion


The SEMrush is one of the popular and trusted tools in the market available for you. SEMrush can provide you with quite useful analytics which can help you to improve your website visibility on search engines. Here are some following data which you can find in the tool:

  • Total count of visitors to a website in a month
  • Average visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Pages/visit
  • Traffic sources (Source from where the audience came from)
  • Figure out which social media platform is sending the traffic
  • Figure out the Paid ads traffic
  • Estimated traffic along with Sub-domains

Similarweb Website Traffic Tool

Similarweb is another popular available tool to overview the estimated website traffic counts of a domain. This tool has a lot to offer, with some vital metrics it also provides some comprehensive data about website traffic.

With the usage of SimilarWeb tool, you can also find the following data about any website:

  • Overview of Traffic
  • Total count of visits
  • Average visit duration of visitor
  • Bounce rate (CTR)
  • The Traffic Location
  • Traffic bu search Engine
  • Traffic by Social media
  • Interest of Audience

Competitors and Similar Sites

Through this article, we came across three different tools which can use to overview website traffic insights. There are several tools available in the market however these three are most trusted out of all. Talking about SEMrush, it is only paid tool out all three whereas Similarweb and Google Analytics are free tools with limited features. As a user you can pick any of these depends on your need.

We at Arya College which is one of the Best B Tech Colleges in Jaipur have publish this article to help SEO executives.

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