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How to express your individuality in business

Ways to explore professionalism and individuality together

The workplace is changing with organizations that have a diverse workforce. It is proven to be more innovative. Companies are increasingly on the hunt for creative thinkers from Top MBA Colleges with a sense of originality.

Your unique blend of creativity includes how to solve problems and the ability to see things differently. In a business setting, this could be coming up with a new product idea, an innovative solution to a manufacturing issue, or an improved way of doing things.

It is not always easy to demonstrate these capabilities in an interview or CV. There are some tips that will help an individual demonstrate their ingenuity.

The CV

In the last 5 years of the survey, it is found that most of the employees want to be recognized for their unique skills. There are ways to show them off without having to put together an overly fancy CV. In fact, it is better not to be too creative in your CV with curly typefaces and colors. But students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur can display some flair, particularly if they have an accompanying portfolio.

If you are applying for a marketing role, you could include visual examples of banners or advertising campaigns created. This can be a great example of an individual demonstration. In other words, if you are a business major, using diagrams to explain how you solved an investment problem makes it fresh and interesting. Students appearing for Campus Placement could even include photos of their team working together.

In the interview

With employers looking for out-the-box thinking, students of the list of Top 10 MBA Colleges can expect brainteaser questions like, how many turkeys can you fit in a swimming pool? These are the hypothetical question designed to see how creatively an individual can think. Workplace scenario questions are also common. This is an opportunity to individual Demonstrate your unique ideas.

You should not feel shy to share what you do extracurricular but pick the most productive activities. It includes volunteering a group, enjoying a hike to raise money for amputees or having a small business giving flower arranging courses. You should draw on all these experiences when answering questions in the interview.

Situations while having soft skills

People might face situations where they face soft skills like leadership and communication. In such a case, the best way is to prove that you are good at them. If you are a good communicator you could join toastmasters, or write for the student newspaper. Someone with good leadership might sit on the student advisory body to individual demonstrate their identity.

Demonstrate creative problem solving

Most of the managers and employers seek individuals who can solve their own problems. Coming up with a solution highlights your ingenuity and independence. Problem-solving is a combination of logic and imagination. A management student needs to be able to explain in an interview:

  • An example of a problem they faced
  • How they came up with a solution?
  • How they implemented it?
  • What were the results?

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