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How technology will change our lives in the coming years?

How the impact of technology on different industries affect the future

Everything around us has changed. Over the course of the next two decades, we can expect technology to make major changes. For some people, it is difficult to cope with. Similarly, for others, it is the chance to bridge the gap between the richest and poorest nations in the world. In the middle of the late 20th century, the birth of the information age took place with a growing reliance on digital technologies. However, it provides the driving force behind the innovations which leads to the start of the current digital age. Most scientists and technology experts believe that the world has reached the uniqueness between humans and technology.

Technology as a powerful weapon

The weapon of technology has the power to do many things, and changing the world is one of them. We are privileged to be living in a time where science and technology can assist us and makes our lives easier. The technology has paved the way for us to innovate further. There are some current and future technologies that have the potential to change our lives even in a more unique way.

The changing face of technology

Technology is changing with time. Artificial intelligence and robot workers are constantly rising.  It brings a vast change to every aspect of our working lives. It is estimated that around 45 to 70 million of workers have lost their job due to a rise in the artificial intelligence system. However, the situation has become worse for many low-skilled workers in the coming years. The loss of low-skilled jobs to robot workers has resulted in the formation of a number of different opinions based on the positive or negative impact on society. According to some experts, the rising use of artificial intelligence in most developed countries leads to a higher standard of living for the majority. On the contrary, other experts believe that the largest amount of wealth creates with the elimination of the low-pay jobs will distribute to the top one percent. It aims to analyze the growing gap between rich and poor, which as a result has become worse.
  1. Technology defines the work-life and work pattern

    • Introduction

Technology has impacted the work pattern to a large extent. Employees and even the companies are constantly switching from a specific role to a multi-dimensional pattern of movement throughout a company. However, businesses have been removing multiple layers of management and left little room for upward movement in a traditional sense. Developing multiple skills is one of the most significant aspects of the changing face of corporate advancement.
  • Workplace monitoring

It is a part of the lives of millions of workers across the planet. The use of fitness monitors implanted in the bodies of employees will become an everyday occurrence over the course of the next few years. With this, employees will be able to monitor the sleep patterns of employees having a direct link to the level of concentration seen during the working day.
  1. How technologies impact society?

2.1 Individual security

Technology will be an important element in fostering security in the society. Recent technologies like the Internet pose major challenges to the individual security of people. Despite these challenges, technology ensures security to society in different ways.

2.1.2 Use of drones and robots

There are some government agencies that embrace technology in the form of drones to fight crime. This technology will eventually reach households and serve as precautionary measures. People will use drones and robots to vacate buildings in the event offers or criminal attacks. Similarly, government agencies will embrace drones and similar technologies to enforce the rule of law while addressing concerns over security.

2.2 Social Media

Trends in technology have major implications for both private and social life in the coming decades. Current technologies like social media offer insights into the future of social interactions. Technologies like virtual reality will encourage people to use technology-driven social media at the expense of face-to-face meetings as a way of socializing. These technologies will further integrate the various world cultures through globalization.

2.3 Increases efficiency on both personal and professional level

Technology can make a person efficient and dependent at the same time. Perhaps, the accuracy and the quality we get with the help of technology is not the same with previous times. In the near future, technology will be at another level since the innovation and the advancement in technology are continuous. Or in other words, it is increasing day by day.
  1. What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence in our lives?

    • Perform human tasks

Artificial intelligence is one of the most efficient approaches toward technology. This intelligence eliminates human efforts and makes the machines applicable to perform tasks related to daily life. It considers using algorithms of machine learning. The introduction of robots and assistants can easily perform the basic tasks of humans by understanding their language and terms. However, the research and the process of innovation are continued. In the future, artificial intelligence can perform all the tasks for a human. The artificial neural system is the way of making machine logical. It helps the machine to make a decision like a human by analyzing different things, and the system has brought it to a new level.

3.2 Changes in traveling

In the next decade, the difference in how we travel going to be the actual game changer. Traveling in the present time is not so fancy while self-driving cars will take over the infancy and less efficient approach of traveling. This is considered as the highest level of innovation. The traveling approach will be smart enough in the future and will easily avoid traveling mishappening like accidents due to technological advancements.
  1. Innovation in energy production and storage

    • Introduction

Technology has created a huge impact on energy production and storage. It is considered as one of the most important fields of human life as the energy needs of people are increasing on a daily basis. The technical world is introducing innovative ideas to produce and save energy at a bigger rate. Solar panels are becoming common and can help to enhance the efficiency of energy production.
  • Solar panels

In terms of solar panels, it is observed that experts in engineering or the technology industry can produce as much energy as required to run the whole world. The cost of transmitting energy to the different parts of the world is the only hurdle. It might bring environment change in certain areas like the Sahara Desert if its land starts to avoid ultraviolet rays for so long. However, there are different effects that technology creates on a life all over the world.
  1. Innovations that can alter our future

    • Virtual Reality

In earlier days, finding a job is tedious in the past. The process would start with countless letters sent and hours spent visiting prospective employers and unions. Nowadays, one can join LinkedIn and discover multiple job opportunities in a matter of minutes. In the future, virtual reality might take over these aspects of life. For instance, students in classrooms may start learning from virtually-based sources and old-fashioned textbooks will become obsolete. Similarly, in-store shopping could be replaced with facial and body recognition software. With this, people could see how something would fit them over their phone without having to visit a store. These are just a few of the major areas where virtual reality could have a significant impact on the way we work, learn, and play.

5.2 3D Printing

The 3D printing revolution has already started. It is running in its prototype stages. An individual can expect using this technology as a standard resource in the next few years. Households could start relying on these devices to print everyday items like food products, and various tools like utensils. 3D printing will begin to help people create things like vehicles and houses. Being able to replace factories and assembly lines with a large-scale printer would certainly be a change to remember.

5.3 Delivery drones

Drones are taking the role of delivery drivers with the advent of time. However, this radical shift helps things to get transported. Many companies have already started working on this plan in order to improve efficiency and timeliness. Drones have been mass-produced and made available to the general public. It is reasonable for them to expect to get more usage in the coming years. They are considered as a resource that can save time, fuel costs, and create energy efficiencies

5.4 Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving cars are already on the top in the market. Transportation companies like Uber could increase their profits if the costs of drivers get reduced. The best route to that solution is to invest in research projects for cars. It can operate via sensors and computer programs.

5.5 Homes equipped with artificial intelligence

This might bring a huge change in the lives of households or other routine tasks. People are already able to do things like lock and unlock their homes, ignite their vehicles, and view the security camera footage remotely via smartphones. In the future, this trend could evolve to include full control of every portion of someone’s house. However, it means turning the lights on or off and disarming the security alarm through voice control might become very common. Moreover, voice-enabled ovens, refrigerators, or TVs might be the only type of equipment available in the market soon. However, the custom-designed artificial intelligence systems could keep track of the household’s members and detect when someone is at home.

5.6 Medicine

The field of medicine plays the most important role in technology. Nobody can deny the fact that there are numerous diseases that can now be cured. In the coming years, an individual or a user can witness developments that involve more robot-led surgeries, drug developments, and usage of nanotechnology to treat conditions like cancer. However, this will help doctors to devote more time to progressing treatment methods. On the other hand, the surgical aspect of things would handle by computers.

5.7 Robot Takeover

Cooking and cleaning might be some of the first household duties to get replaced by robots. Cleaning bots and drones are now readily available to the users. Their cost will soon be affordable to every layer or aspect of society. Now, people will delegate chores to devices since the machines can handle them effortlessly. Today, robots have a great impact on the industrial job market. Low-skill labor is already under attack. For instance, many companies are implementing self-checkout mechanisms that require no cashiers. In the coming years, most stores will completely automate with robot checkouts, assistance, and more. This, in turn, requires more people to get high-skill jobs that require advanced education.


The Limits are Hard to Predict

In earlier days, it would be impossible to find a person who would believe in modern-day concepts like face-timing. This is why it is very difficult to pinpoint every aspect of life that will be altered by technology developments in the upcoming years. Yes, it is obvious to know that the aforementioned will be affected to some extent, but the precise results remain unknown. People might classify things into a group of advancements. For instance, “flying” that would never be possible without planes. However, this does not mean that humans will never find a way to develop unimaginable concepts that would make it possible to fly. Leaps in technology are being made daily and life-changing innovations are occurring at a rapid pace.

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