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How gaming is bringing positivity for Engg College graduates

Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization, and Graphics

Most of Engg College graduates are aware of different modern technologies. Social media and gaming take up too much of their time. They feel a great urge to play one more level, to check their messages one more time or to post one more update. Everyone must wonder why they spend so much time on this activity at the expense of other priorities.

Nobody can deny the fact that technologies are so persuasive and attractive. It will keep your attention and influence central to the business interests of the large social media and gaming companies.

How technologies are influencing behavior?

Students of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur find an opportunity in exploring the use of these persuasive technologies in applications. It helps people to achieve constructive changes in their behavior. It includes the improvement of diet or the control of binge drinking. They help to build the wide adoption and motivational platform of games in order to empower people in their decision making.

The reason behind gaming addiction

One of the reasons why people can get stuck in an unhealthy habit is the consequences of unhealthy behaviors. However, it is far enough away that they do not make a significant impact on the decisions of the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur today. However, gaming can simulate real-life choices and consequences in ways. It will make more of an impression on the immediate decision-making process.

Role of different persuasive technology

It can be the most effective tool, but that techniques of gameplay motivation need to be specifically tailored to the personality of each user. A technique that motivates one user might actually be demotivating to another. There are different persuasive technology strategies to create an optimal list of strategies for each personality type. Students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur design to the more common “one-size-fits-all” model. They found that it could overcome some of the weaknesses of the monolithic model. Also, they achieve a significant change in motivation and behaviors in users.

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