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How emails have become important aspect of security and protection?

Emails have become important aspect of security and protection

While browsing through the IT services, blog posts, and company info, you must have seen that companies are now adding more emphasis on the importance of cyber-security. This has become the most crucial aspect nowadays. No matter whether you are using Outlook email, Gmail, or other, keeping your account secure against malware, spam, phishing, and other sophisticated email-borne threats requires action on your part.

Email security definition

Email security is the wide term that describes all of the different practices and procedures. It will protect you email accounts and the content within them. There are many components to email security for the students of top engineering Colleges to consider. These includes tools and techniques like encryption, multi-factor authentication, password protection, employee security training, and more.

Why is keeping a secure email so important?

Nobody can deny from the fact that your email always holds a lot of sensitive information. It might include bank accounts, personal details, sensitive company facts and figures in your inbox. Due to this reason, email is the main target for attackers trying to infiltrate a company network. Also, it is so important for the students of engineering colleges Jaipur to take the right security steps.

A research has been conducted which shows that an enterprise email security is too often overlooked, and “organisations tend to spend big bucks on endpoint and network security solutions but end up neglecting email security, despite the fact 90% of cyber-attacks are entering into this via email.”

How Secure Is Your Email?

Email is one of the most effective forms of communication for most of businesses, individuals or more. It is highly accessible to make open communication within and between organizations with more possibilities. But if it accessible and opened, there are more chances of security. In other words, the open format of email means that anyone who intercepts a message can view it, which is a major problem for organizations that send sensitive information.

An individual should never rely solely on the email service provider to keep their information safe, there are many additional layers they need to add on to keep their email protected. Phishing is still considered to be the number one way that emails get hacked. A research has been conducted by the professionals of Top Private Engineering Colleges in India which shows that around 95% of all attacks on business networks are the result of successful spear phishing attacks.

In other words, a human opened an email and either clicked on a link or opened a file that they were not supposed to. In addition to phishing, business email compromise is another critical issue. It is a kind of impersonation fraud. These strategies are preying on busy or distracted employees.

What are email security policies?

Every organization should have a certain set of email-related policies, which need to be followed by their employees. Basically, these are the rules that are enforced to keep sensitive and confidential company information from getting into the hands, but also to protect each employee individually.

Under given are the examples of some most important policies that professionals of engineering colleges Rajasthan to include in your email security plan:

  1. Your company email account is for business use only and should only be used on the company network.
  2. Changing email passwords must be done every 90 days
  3. Every employee must attend yearly cyber-security training
  4. Two-step authentication required for email account logins

Remember, these are just few instances. The specifics of your email security policies depends completely on you. But it is important to cover all the bases so that your employees never have to read between the lines.

End-User email security tips & best practices

The very first step in email security is to create a right game plan. Students of BTech Colleges India should have a detailed plan in place for the entire company, but also encourage their employees to take extra security steps for even more protection.

Provide regular cyber-security training & education

Email security education not restricted to CIOs, administrators, or IT experts. Instead, it is available for everyone. Training your employees and keeping the company up-to-date on cyber-security is one of the best investments one could make. Most of the companies offers a one-and-done course and then never give training another thought. This is the biggest mistake. No matter how thorough and comprehensive that course was, cyber threats like email phishing are constantly evolving, which means that security education needs to be given from time to time.

Establish unbeatable passwords

If an individual of best engineering college is using a password like “123456” or “password123”, stop reading and change your password immediately. Even if they are using their dog’s name followed by their birthday, please, just go change it. Each of your passwords should be unique. Therefore, it is best for an individual to include a combo of numbers, special characters, lowercase and uppercase letters.

Changing passwords frequently and using a unique sequence of numbers, letters, and symbols is the easiest way to improve Office 365 security or protect a Gmail account.

Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is common that helps you sign-in into most online applications and services nowadays. It works by adding in an additional “factor” so that the only person logging into an account is the account holder and not the other ones. Remember, Two-Factor-Authentication often used interchangeably with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

Avoid public wi-fi networks

Your online information becomes way more vulnerable while connecting to a public network. Cyber predators love to lurk on coffee shop Wi-Fi. So avoid opening your email if you are not on a private, secure network. If you are out and in desperate need of checking an email that was just sent by your boss, just be sure to do it on your phone using your cellular data plan, not WiFi.

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