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How different aspects of society has turned virtual

Virtual pets, virtual people and virtual immortality

With the advent of time, technology and its impact on different sections of the society has been increased. It has directly or indirectly influenced the lives of people. Recently, it is seen that 5G can make realistic augmented reality avatars possible. This advancement is due to the high bandwidth and very low time duration which could shift processing from the device to the cloud.

The rise of distributed data centers can keep the duration down. This will allow the users to keep realistic virtual pets and friends, or even visit remote locations virtually. Virtual reality helps an individual to feel they were at the live location. Also, it appears to people there as your avatar, rather than as the drone or robot providing people with the experience.

It will create an interesting path to immortality by advancing the capability of creating digital clones of pets and people. According to the recent advancements, the first digital human clone was recently born and it opens the door to many interesting future possibilities for the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.

Moving local processing to the cloud

There are three drawbacks to creating a realistic Augmented Reality experience:

  1. Optics - Developers from B Tech Colleges need to make the image look realistic. They must render the new image while realistically blocking conflicting reality. Currently, AR glasses provide real-life experience, and the rendered image tends to look like a cartoon ghost. Those glasses must also look good while you wear them.
  2. Computing power - The power required would challenge a workstation to allow the user putting on their head or anyplace on their body. Walking around with one of those HP backpack workstations with double holstered batteries would get old quickly.
  3. Content - Now for lifeless objects like furniture, creating content is pretty easy with a 3D scanner and existing technology.

However, if people want a virtual pet that behaves like a pet, or a virtual human that behaves like a human, students of Top Engineering Colleges have to code the personalities that are in the present time, is beyond their capability.

Moving the processing to the cloud potentially allows unlimited headroom without the need to carry a workstation on our bodies. This is the solution to computing power. Besides, that extra processing power can create artificial intelligence that behaves realistically like an animal or even a human.

Virtual pets, virtual people

People entering the workplace or who have a job that requires a lot of travel faces the biggest issue. It includes the schedules that make it impractical to have the companionship of a pet. While there are people who travel with their pets, doing so while having to go into work remains problematic. A few companies allow pets in the workplace, but most of them do not. Therefore, having a real pet could limit your ability to change jobs and advance.

On the other hand, the virtual pet will always remain with you. If it is tied to an AI, it could guide you to locations as a GPS solution; speak with you like a smarter digital assistant. Also, it will provide a rolling commentary that only you could hear. With this super advance technology, students of Private Engineering Colleges could create a superpower that could create a human companion. That human companion could be crafted after a real person but modified to remove anything you might find annoying.

You could even recreate yourself and have that virtual clone be the best version of your own self. It could become a perfect advisor because you would trust a version of yourself that you perfected more than any other person, real or virtualized. This virtual version could excel in your life in a complete sense.


The shift from localized to centralized cloud computing will have a massive impact on how we perceive reality. It includes being able to re-render the world around us, to be able to acquire both human and non-human virtual companions to help us through our lives, and even to digital immortality.

It would create some rather interesting and unfortunate side effects, like folks preferring digital pets and mates to real ones. However, it also could help us become better people, as we create advisors to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

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