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Google launches ‘Works with Chrome book’ badge for accessories

Works with Chrome book

Selecting the correct accessory in a lot of options can be fearful of things at times. Google's innovation with Chrome book programs should give its customers greater and more confidence in the accessories. These accessories include chargers, mice, keyboards, power adapters, and many more which they can buy for their Chrome book. Cognate to different certification programs.

Google also has partnered with third-party accessory manufacturers to make sure their products work great with Chrome books to negate compatibility and other kinds of issues. Google launching an initiative known as "Works with Chrome book" for the certification of the accessories to work with Chrome books.

"You will be going to see the Works with Chrome book badge on certified accessories in the countries such as U.S., Canada, and Japan," said Program Manager Kevin Ngo in a post. ‘We have checked & examined all the accessories to make sure that they defer with Chrome book’s compatibility standards or not.’ Once you see the badge, you can be sure that the product works absolutely with your Chrome book.’

At the present time, there are about 13 companies listed as Works with the Chrome book partners which are as follows:

  • • Able Net
  • • Anker
  • • Belkin
  • • Brydge
  • • Cable Matters
  • • Elecom
  • • Hyper
  • • Kensington
  • • Logitech
  • • Plugable
  • • Satechi
  • • Star Tech, and
  • • Targus.

The Works with Chrome book certification will be shown on accessories in the US, Canada, and Japan, and also you will be able to buy these accessories at Amazon, Best Buy in the US & Canada,, and Bic Camera in Japan, according to the Google. Works with Chrome book-certified accessories will be available at other retailers and in other countries as well soon.

About the Program launch:-

Google offers a program such as named as ‘Made for Google’, to certify the accessories as compatible with the company’s Pixel phones & the Google Nest. When that program launched in the month of October 2017, it had 25 partners. And at the present time, it is having up to 44.

Chrome books have been rising in popularity these years, with Samsung’s Galaxy Chrome book, Google’s Pixel book Go, and the Asus Chrome book C436 being the most well-made and best chrome books to debut over the last few months. An accessory program that makes it simpler for prospective buyers to extend the usefulness of their device would not be missed.

We at Arya College which Best Engineering College in Jaipur, is published this article for Chrome book users.

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