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Getting a job irrelevant to your degree

Does your B Tech degree matters?

Do you belong to a category in which your present education and employment are different from each other? You wanted to do something else and landed up somewhere else. Therefore, in the Indian education system, it is important for the students of B Tech Colleges to change the relevancy of education to career and goals of an individual’s life.

Every student of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur does not suffer this, as some proportion of apprentices do find jobs in their relevant fields. Still, there are a significant number of students in the country who pursue a career different from their college education. Research has been conducted by the professionals of Top Engineering Colleges. It says that about 90% of engineering aspirants choose a career not related to their stream. For instance, the electrical engineer finds a job in the IT industry and so on.

The reason behind choosing an irrelevant career

  • Both the education and employment run on the same wheel. The students of Top Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur from a particular field and educational institute get employed immediately after completing their education and some even before that. On the other hand, students choose a different career due to their frustrations.

So, if the market will not have sufficient jobs in their field of education then they will have to work in irrelevant field compulsorily. In order to avoid this, students should be very clear on the jobs and career prospects in their chosen field.

  • In India, students are generally not aware of what they are doing in B Tech College in Jaipur until they spend at least 1-2 years in a professional field. At that point, they come to know that their education is not at all relevant to what they want in life. Therefore, they switch to another career by doing certifications, etc.
  • There is a great mismatch between skills and job openings in the market as the job market keeps on fluctuating. There is no connection between classroom teaching and job requirement. For this, Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur must have proper collaborations with the companies so that the required skills can be imparted to the students.

How to gain real experience in the professional field?

Students doing professional courses have an upper edge over the students who are from general streams. That is why many students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges go for vocational courses after completing graduation. Students feel that vocational courses give them the required confidence which is not provided by normal classroom teaching. But the right education provides an edge over others though students learn more in their internship. Therefore, irrespective of a degree, internships must be compulsory to provide a real experience of a professional field.

Apart from this, it is the responsibility of a person to choose an educational field wisely. If you are not able to clear entrance tests do not get disappointed as there are many other education streams related to what you want to do. You must pick the right option from the beginning. Make full efforts to be in the stream of your choice for a better professional life.

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