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Get to know Python Language 3.7 with Arya Engineering College

Enhance your skills with different data classes

Computer Science is a very advanced industry which releases new versions of its software every day. If you are a Python developer at Arya Engineering College, 3.7 is one of the latest releases beneficial for you. It has some impressive new language features that make the Python language easiest and most powerful. This is very important for the developers, especially who are using Python 3x version in their coding. However, there are various other exciting features offered by this language.

Data Classes

One of the most complex parts of using python with old versions lies in the object-oriented way that creates classes to represent data in your application. Prior to Python Language 3.7, students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur would have to declare a variable in their class, and then set it in their __init__ method from a named parameter. There are certain applications that had complex data models. However, this invariably led to a large number of boilerplate model and data contract code that requires proper maintenance.

Python 3.7 allows PEP-557 to access a decorator called @dataclass. It automatically adds an implicit __init__ function for the students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur when they add typing to their class variables. The addition of the decorator allows Python to automatically inspect the attributes and typings of the associated class and generate an __init__ function. It uses parameters in the order specific pattern.

Developers from Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can still add class methods to your data class and use it like other classes. For JSON support, see the library data classes-json on PYPI.

Asyncio and the async/await: Data classes Keywords

The change in version further changes the reserved keywords used in python, that is, async and await. This works simultaneously with some improvements to asyncio, which is a Python's concurrency library. However, this includes high-level API improvements which make it easier for the students of Best B Tech College in Jaipur to run asynchronous functions.


The previous version of Python added in a breakpoint to use the built-in Python debugger (pdb). However, it would require import pdb; pdb.set_trace(). PEP-553 adds the ability to use new functions and keyword. It is known as the breakpoint.

When running from a console, this will enter straight away into pdb and allow the user of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to enter debug statements, evaluate variables, and step through program execution.

Lazy Loading via Module Attributes

However, some experienced Python users of the top 5 engineering colleges in Jaipur might be familiar with __getattr__ and dir for objects and classes. PEP-562 exposes __getattr__ for modules as well.

Without diving into the sphere of technical possibilities, one of its clearest use cases is that it now allows for modules to lazy load.

Optimizations to Python 3.7

  1. Python 3.7 offers numerous performance improvements, like:
  2. Python startup time has been reduced between 10-30% on various operating systems.
  3. Typing operations are faster.
  4. Sort and sorted methods have improved between 45-70% for common cases.
  5. Copy () is now 5.5 times faster.
  6. namedtuple creation via collections.namedtuple() is 4-6 times faster.

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