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Generating Discovery for Innovation

Creating a winning culture of invention and discovery

The approach to innovation at Best Engineering Colleges enables students to generate discovery to see the things that temporarily hides, and temporarily not enable them to understand. They can transform them into creative ideas and innovative solutions that people usually value and cherish, as creativity and innovation are the key vehicles for identifying smart problems of the customers. It is the new way of adding value to the quality of people’s lives. Also, it can effectively deal with the same by potentially solving the range of business problems.

What does it mean to generate discovery?

With the terms generative discovery, aspirants can listen and inquire from the temporarily hidden or emerging field of the future through the following ways:

  1. It will deepen the attending, observing and discerning capabilities of the innovative students of Best B Tech Colleges. They can consciously discover creative ideas that will challenge and disrupt the status.
  2. It will create cracks, openings and creative entrance that push the boundaries, challenge assumptions and mental models to unleash boldly creative ideas.
  3. Individuals can see their possibilities and opportunities for innovative solutions to problems that might not imagine previously.

Why is generative discovery important?

Most business planning processes tend to be linear or vertical in their attempt to provide behavioral or reactive short term solutions. It will fill the gap between the current reality and a desired future state. They are frequently developed by applying the same mental models, and the same thinking processes. Generally, it will create current and undesirable reality.

Once students know that they cannot solve the problem with the same thinking, they are required to set of mental models that enable them to perceive the problem differently. Experimenting with the generative discovery skill-set enables individuals to juggle multiple theories. Also, it includes models, and strategies to plan in an emergent way. This will create a bridge between the visible world (what we see), as it meets the invisible world (the source).

The 4 step cycle of generative discovery

Obtaining a description of the territory

Extracting a description of the territory or the social field of attention helps individuals to explore, understand and describe the specific territory of the problem. After knowing that the ‘map is not the territory’, instead, it is only a picture of the actual territory, their focus increase towards problem finding, fact-finding, etc.

Identify the causes of the reality occurring in the social field of attention

In order to know the territory, individuals require immersing themselves to generate a deep understanding of the business problem. It also helps them to see the forces that are diverging and converging. It includes how current and potential customers or users are impacted by it. So, their focus increases towards problem defining.

Separate the territory

It is significant for individuals to make the shift from specific and descriptive questions towards generating intentionally breaking ones. It will help them to generate safe debate. In this, the temporarily hidden ideas emerge through cracks and openings in the field. Therefore, they can increase their focus towards ideas emerging, exploring and crashing.

Obtaining creative ideas

This step calculates to create conflict, disagreement, and imbalance to generate a deeper, provocative and creative debate. Therefore, it will increase the focus on idea refining, idea deciding.

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