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Coronavirus outbreak – How technology can help us fight?

Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a great threat to mankind. The entire world is suffering a lot from this in every aspect. China was reporting the outbreak of this virus in December 2019; it was taking other countries as well into its fold one by one. As soon as the war on COVID-19 has declared. The Tech giants stepped out in full force to find out different means and methods to overcome the outbreak of this Pandemic.

In different parts of the world, various companies were brainstorming to come up with effective, feasible, and promising means and technological devices to control further spread. As a result of all these efforts, we have now incorporated Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and technology to cross this pandemic with the help of professionals of Engineering Colleges in India.

Various conglomerates all over the world have joined the round-table with WHO in order to integrate and dispense useful information to the different parts of the world. Also, most importantly they have innovative technologies that can help the world to accelerate the problem-solving phase.

Under given are some of the important factors. Which show the use of science and technology to overcome this difficult problem suffered by people all over the world.

Tracking locations

Cellular devices are the most simple and crucial technological medium. Globally, these devices made with the help of students of Top Engineering Colleges in India that used to identify and track multiple areas of public gatherings. However, some countries have strict privacy compliances where unidentified location data used to identify public spaces. In India, some companies like Larsen & Toubro have become active in combating Coronavirus. Also, they have assured deals with 20 cities to provide information on public gathering directly to the local Police.

Forecast Outbreaks

In order to get an edge over your enemy, it is important to know their next move. Therefore, in today’s time, C0VID-19 is our enemy and we should track and forecast the outbreaks with the technologies invented by B Tech Colleges in India or many engineering organizations. For instance, BlueDot is a Canadian startup that has provided the service of tracking infectious disease risks using Artificial Intelligence. It is among the first companies to step up against Coronavirus outbreak.

Tech in diagnosing the virus

One of the most significant and challenging task today is to come up with a technology that has the power to diagnose the virus. InfraVision is a company that exclusively deals with Artificial Intelligence and came up with a solution. Their system can efficiently monitor and detect the disease.

Research has been conducted by the students of best engineering colleges. Which show that supercomputers in China have the capability to diagnose patients with chest scans. Also, an Israel-based company named Nanox has joined the team of technology against COVID-19. It has come up with a mobile digital X-ray that makes use of Artificial Intelligence to diagnose and prevent outbreaks. Technology is much more than surfing the internet. Therefore, people must believe that technology is a boon to the modern world.

Drug Discovery

There was a time when there was no sure vaccine to curb this disease keeping this in mind, AI companies are coming up with amazing solutions to develop drugs for the people who are suffering from the Coronavirus outbreak. There many companies like Alibaba (China-based), Benevolent AI (London-based) that constantly trying to use Artificial Intelligence to come up with feasible solutions and drugs in order to effectively combat this virus. Several other companies are coming up with novel drug designs using Artificial Intelligence systems.

Tech for delivering items

In this time when other animals are also being affected by this virus, technology has an upper hand. Nobody can deny this fact. Various technologies like drones, robots, machines, and others are being employed for supplying medicines, food, utilities to the needy people across the world.

Also, a company called TerraDrone that extensively employing aerial vehicles to transport all the quintessential things. Apart from all this, a China-based Delivery app named Meituan Dianping has started using autonomous vehicles for contactless delivery.

Information Sharing

With the help of students of computer science engineering at B Tech Colleges, you will get a flash about useful information to fight or, at least, protect yourself from Coronavirus whether you open any website, application, or search engine. Also, you will always get a Twitter, Google, and specially devised Apps from WHO, Arogya Setu, and other authentic social media platforms that contain authentic and updated information about this outbreak. Some chatbots can also help in addressing queries and problems.

How technology will play a role in Post-Pandemic scenarios?

All over the world, the companies are not operational thus the economy is also in great trouble. Once this over, the economy is going to be badly hit. So, many Artificial Intelligence companies are trying to analyze the current situation to provide a feasible and reliable solution.

A China-based company known as “WeBank” has already undertaken the project of tracking the scenario and coming up with effective solutions. Modern problems always have modern solutions. Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, technology has taken control but it surely needs supervision by humans. In the coming times, we will witness more improvement in the use of technology to fight this pandemic. Till then, rely on technologies and stay home, stay safe.

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