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Computational thinking across the curriculum

The benefit of Computational Thinking

In the 21st century, efforts still required for making computational thinking as a skill that can be taught across multiple subjects. The problem solving by using computers are not specific to any discipline. In the near future, it is expected to make researches and increase the understanding of the impact of computation across various academic fields. This file will help in providing data-driven support to the pre-designed curriculum and assessment efforts of the students of Arya Engineering College. Arya is also the best placement college in Jaipur.

The concept of Computational Thinking

The concept of exploring computational thinking considers a collection of lesson plans, videos and different resources that work on computational thinking. With this, a student can create a better understanding of CT. Which can also be used by administrators and educators by providing support to the people who wanted to integrate the concept of CT into their classrooms of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan content, learning, and teaching practice.

The parent concept of problem-solving includes various characteristics. It includes data analysis, logical ordering, solution creation that uses a series of algorithms, depositions. Moreover, it is the ability to deal with open-ended and complex problems. For the development of computer applications, CT is very essential. But it should be used for supporting problem-solving in all disciplines like math, humanities, and science. Most of the students of Best Engineering Colleges consider under mentioned computational skills as well as necessary attitudes.

Algorithm thinking

Many students demonstrate algorithm thinking required for the use of well-defined a series of steps. For instance, in a sixth-grade math class, students can identify and create a set of ordered pairs on a coordinate plane by re-creating the piece of art they will make.


The concept of decomposition comprised of breaking various complicated problems into different components. Moreover, it suggests working on a single component at a time. For instance, in the seventh-grade class, a student can separate the criminal justice system of one country. It includes the identification of different problems and the proposition of their solutions for the representation of a balanced system.


The process of abstraction defines the separation of unnecessary details and information. It is for the development of generic solutions and representation of complicated systems by making use of visualization and simple models. This is important to learn about information and critical skills. It helps in the development of various problems that grow in complexities.

Pattern recognition

Most of the students follow a pattern that recognizes data analysis trends. It makes use of information helps in finding and working out solutions.

There are certain essential attitudes important for a student to when they are building computational thinking. So this attitude helps in solving various problems for a student of Best Placement College in Jaipur. Therefore students can gain their confidence in tacking complex situations and problems.

The concept of computational thinking has already applied to most of the classrooms and known by different names. Computational thinking directly linked with critical thinking, project-based learning and STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The application of computational thinking language with various disciplines allows the students of Arya College to make powerful connections. Challenges faced by the students are very difficult to categorize. The process of computational thinking could train the students in anticipating various changes. Also, it handles unfamiliar and advanced systems.

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