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Collaborative and Active Learning Technology (CalTech) at Arya College

How traditional methodologies lack effective learning?

In this 21st century, with the emergence of the digital era, the teaching methods transforms into the digital presentation at Arya College with the help of smart technologies. Now the teachers demonstrate through a powerpoint presentation and students watch and listen to the lecture in parallel.

In this traditional learning, the teacher’s role is as an information provider. It allows lectures delivery and students follow, listen and note down the class lectures in their copies. In other words, such type of techniques mainly focuses on syllabus coverage and lacks classroom activities. In this traditional teaching, the performances of the students of Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan depends on their marks in the examination. That’s why the students are focusing on rote learning of the contents rather than understanding it.

Explore the different perspective of CalTech method

Collaborative and Active Learning Technology is the newest method of teaching. Unlike a traditional classroom, CalTech helps the teachers of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur bring content to life through various activities, debates, and demonstrations. It massively improves content retention. It provides benefits to the teachers in the form of multiple criteria to grade the students, rather than assessing them on the basis of written exams and rote learning.

Teachers of B Tech College in Jaipur also assess through composite parameters through a mix of strategies including student feedback, analytics, content delivered. Incentives reward the best performers among teacher while slow individuals are given training and monitored continuously so that quality does not suffer.

How this learning technology can be achieved?

CalTech achieves through innovative and never seen before Studio Classrooms at Arya 1st Old Campus. These classrooms are designed to eliminate the most boring part of a regular classroom, that is, the dreaded blackboard. This brings a new channel of content delivery in the form of interactive presentations and activities. Both of them together make up a whole new learning experience.

Studio Classes serve as a combination of a Laboratory and a Classroom. It enables students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can see what they study, happening in front of them. It is fully equipped with suitable tools to perform live demonstrations and practical. They also eliminate one of the most disruptive elements of a regular classroom, the backbenches.

Impact of CalTech on students

The ‘Collaborative’ part of Caltech inspires students of B Tech Colleges to learn from each other. And their peers through group activities, solving problems together, coming up with models and prototypes and asking tons of questions. In addition, each question brings them slightly closer to quenching their newfound thirst for knowledge.

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