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Career options - Why you should go for an MBA after BTech

MTech or MBA – The best career option after BTech

In today’s time, there are lots of career options available for the students. Even after this, they are not aware of which stream to choose, especially after BTech. After completing graduation in engineering, both the master's degrees, including MTech and MBA carries equal preference. But the career score and employment scenario for both the degrees are not the same.

Choosing the right path depends on the mindset of students of BTech Colleges in Jaipur. For instance, some students prefer to take up a job after B.Tech instead of pursuing higher studies. Students design their career by considering several aspects, and the requirements of each student are different from the other.

In order to avoid this confusion, students must understand the opportunities these courses offer. An individual must choose the right path as per their capabilities, aims, and requirements, as both courses will grow their careers.

Surveys on the career choices after engineering graduation

For most of the students of Top Engineering Colleges, life revolves around numbers and comparative deductions. Recently, a survey was conducted on the resume of Indian CEOs to find out and understand the educational paths they prefer. It shows that around 45% of CEOs in India completed their graduation in engineering. Among them, 78% of them pursued post-graduation, out of which 64% of CEOs opted for an MBA degree.

The survey also shows that 83% of CEOs pursued MBA from Top MBA Colleges and most of them completed their UG in engineering.

Students choose MTech after BTech to pursue a career in teaching and research. It offers good scope for research, and students get a chance to contribute to society. At the same time, MTech graduates can fit in professor roles in universities and colleges across the country after attaining necessary higher qualifications.

Popular industrialists and professors at Best Engineering Colleges believe that choosing an MBA after BTech is a mere deviation from the engineering path. Even after the popularity of the MBA, there is a great requirement for MTech graduates. However, technical industries across the globe prefer M.Tech graduates, as one can expect a lucrative career with MTech.

Pros and cons of pursuing MTech after BTech

  1. Best career path - MTech is the best career path for final-year BTech students. They aim to enhance their knowledge on the subject. MTech is a specialization course through which B.Tech graduates can develop their technical skills. However, the market needs experts in the subject, and there is grand respect for the subject experts in India. MTech gives in-depth technical knowledge that the MBA does not offer.
  2. Great Scope for pursuing a Ph.D. – This is the biggest benefit for pursuing a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) after doing MTech. A Ph.D. degree in engineering will land you in top-notch positions in universities and colleges across the globe. However, an individual can also hold good research positions in various organizations.
  3. Limit the career scope - Today, the job market needs wider knowledge over technical expertise. In order to excel in a competitive world and corporate field, one must understand varied aspects of business management like marketing, finance, human resource management, etc. Mtech courses do not offer knowledge in these aspects.
  4. Offers tough curriculum - Students require a lot of hard work throughout the academics to secure a good percentile. Only a limited number of Top Engineering Colleges in India like Arya College offers M.Tech courses.

Pros and cons of pursuing an MBA after B.Tech

  1. Opens a broad spectrum - MBA courses train the graduates of Engineering Colleges to handle a broad spectrum of situations concerning business. Taking up an MBA after B.Tech might be a positive move, as it provides a technical graduate with management knowledge.
  2. Inculcates teamwork strategies - MBA not only enables a higher employability rate but also gives more scope for career advancement. MBA graduates in India are paid lucrative salaries right from the beginning of their careers.
  3. Less employment, more competition - Only a limited percentage of MBA graduates are able to secure jobs in top firms with the best salary packages. However, top firms in India prefer only MBA graduates from premier or Best MBA Colleges across the country.

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