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Career Opportunities in Computer Science Engineering

Best Career Options After Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering is a field to gain a vast amount of knowledge. Not just technically but the overall mindset of a person changes. Computer science is not just related to learning of computer languages but what the coding we built-in, also requires knowledge in aptitude. So, it clarifies you have a great attitude. Now that the programs you built-in requires a storage system to receive the data and store all the information. That known as working at ‘back-end’. ‘Front-end’ is coding based.

Different Career Options for CS

Now, if we will categories it into different fields. They are as follows:-

  1. Coder – If you learn coding languages (python, c, java, ruby, etc.), companies will hire you at the front end. Different projects will be presented to you and all you have to do is make it up. That’s just your job. And it’s not that, you have to write it all by yourself, teams are made up and work is divided.
  2. Tester – Now that the coder has submitted his code, the tester’s work is to recheck the code and find out the errors known as bugs.
  3. Maintenance – Delivering the software is not just the only work, the software needs updates and complete maintenance. For that, a person is required. These all were the tasks at the front end.
  4. IT Consultant – You have good knowledge in all technical fields but sometimes it happens that you are not keen on it. So, you could be a consultant. Meet clients every day, understand their demands and then supervise them some models as per what’s best for them and help the company to get the projects. This way you could enter the business market too.
  5. Cyber Security Consultant – If your interest lies in ethical hacking, it’s like the cherry on the cake. Nowadays, data theft is a big issue, and in fact, the government needs them too. So, every organization is always in a big need for them. To save themselves from trojans and other malware. Once you understand it, it’s no less than being a God in yourself.
  6. Gamer – Couldn’t resist me from mentioning PUBG, when it comes to games corner. Usually, PHP and Python highly used to make games. These languages have easy modules and short lines of codes. It doesn’t take much time and profit is maximum of course.
  7. Application Software Analyst – Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. weren’t companies, but startups, they came up with ideas and implemented it. So is the suggestion.
  8. System Manager – Every company has a system manager whose work is to help employers to get out of any kind of a problem. Manage all the systems.
  9. Writer – Won’t believe but yes, a writer is required to acknowledge people about the particular software. All its specialty, its uses, and work are required to be on screen to make it easy for people to understand.

Other than this, even if B tech in Computer Science doesn’t excite you much, you have an opportunity to pursue an MBA which also provides a wide range of other options.

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