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Campus Placement Strategy at Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur

Tips on How to Improve Campus Placement Strategy

A campus hiring strategy is a formal plan employed to identify and hire the best candidate for a vacant job position in an organization. Campus hiring strategy is a step-by-step process of campus identification, building a strong and impressionable recruitment team to visit top engineering colleges in Jaipur, organize engagement activities, screen suitable candidates and ultimately conduct interviews.

To answer “why campus recruitment is important,” it is one of the most-used methods to discover and onboard new talent in your organization. A group of motivated individuals seeking learning and growth, bringing in new-age skills, catalyze a company’s growth. However, identifying such top-rated candidates is a daunting and artful task.

Organizations encounter several challenges in building a successful and scalable campus hiring strategy. These challenges range from making several campus visits, aligning stakeholders’ schedules to managing time and investing in the right resources to conduct the drive. Given the current remote working scenario, organizations are investing extensively to augment digital processes. Consequently, HR leaders are compelled to construct a high-yielding campus hiring strategy that works as efficiently as an on-site campus drive and spouts notable results. The major tips are as follows:

Tip 1: Placement Officer or Placement Cell

If your engineering college does not have a Placement Officer or a Placement Cell, then it is the first and foremost point to look at. Trying to get Campus Placement to a college is similar to a recruitment agency trying to run their business without a recruiter. Your Placement Cell is the must and if you are serious about campus placement, they are the most important aspect to make it successful. Resources in placement cell should be dedicated and well recognized.

Tip 2: Improve Your College Profile

When it comes to improving your college profile, you should look at every aspect of the things related to college. Some of the important things to consider includes designing a professional looking website developed by professionals, making your brochure design should look professional and content should be concise, market your Previous Placement Records, academic Records, Market your professors and lecturers’ profile who have excellent academic and/or industry back ground, Include awards that your college has received, etc.

Tip 3: Training

This is one of the most important aspects to improve your placement records. Some BTech Colleges in Jaipur start their training in the final year, but experience colleges start from first year onwards. Your training should focus on subjects that are related to industry experience. Companies no longer just look for academic excellence, aptitude and group discussion. Moreover, they are the corner stone of an interview but more and more companies are looking at how well your students are prepared to work in an industry. Your training should be focused on real world problem and what the industry currently requires.

Tip 4: Networking is Everything

Through Networking you build trust. Networking is more so important if you are a small college with tight budgets as you are dependent upon networking and referrals rather than on costly employment agencies and classified ads. Even if you have a budget to spend on ads, there is nothing better than having a strong network and trusted allies.

Tip 5: Professionalism

Showing professionalism in every step of the way from the first email you send to a Company HR to the way you and your college conduct themselves when a company HR visit your campus, makes a huge and lasting impression. Most company HRs rate this tip as quite high in their list. It is also worth defining a “Code of conduct” for your college so everyone in your college knows what to follow.

Tip 6: Hospitality

Be a “King of Good Times” when a Company HR visits best engineering college in Rajasthan. Like a good host, your hospitality has to excel and the Company HRs should remember their trip. You have done all the hard work to get them through your door and most importantly you need to make sure they visit your college every time. Hospitality is one of the factors that keeps a Company HR remember about your college. It is also great way to network and build your professional relationship

Tip 7: Placing Right Candidates

When a Company visits for placement, there may be a tendency to place as many students as they can, it is extremely important for you to place candidates who are ready and eligible for that role. When companies visit one of the aspects they see and one of the aspect their company governance board and senior executive management see is “Attended vs recruited” numbers. This gives them an indication of which Engg colleges have high quality students.

Tip 8: Company-College Collaboration Platforms

Some of the benefits of using portal includes training via online tests including company question papers, excellent reporting module to monitor your student progress, video profile to assess communication skill, career portal having several articles on campus interview tips written by industry experts, upload your own online test questions and conduct mock tests, words a day; helping your students to improve vocabulary, video training, etc.

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