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Biggest discoveries in the science of learning

Encouraging facts about learning

From taking a walk to learning a new language, there are various different things students can do to improve the way we learn. There are some steps toward a better brain:

Laughter boosts brain function

According to research, it is found that laughter not only increases one’s capacity to remember the humor but also provides a feeling of security and contentment. Both of them will enhance learning and retention.

Personality is more important than intelligence

Personality is more important than intelligence when it comes to success in education. It has conducted the largest review of personality and academic performance. He based these reviews on the fundamental personality factors and found that Openness has the biggest influence on academic success. Educational institutions need to focus less on intelligence and instead pay more attention to each student’s personality.

Improve your memory with one simple technique

A learning technique maximizes the brain’s ability to make and store memories that may help future students. The research found that the mice performed poorly on memory tests when trained in a single, prolonged session. It is a standard K-12 educational practice in the U.S. In the 19th century, educational psychology studies that people learn better when using multiple, short training episodes rather than one extended session.

To be good at science, be good at art

Science and technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) have become part of educational vernacular, as colleges, universities and other institutions strive to raise the profile of the areas of study and the number of graduates in each field. It encourages the incorporation of creative endeavors to attract more and better STEM students.

Choosing a complex career protects your brain later in life

People whose jobs require more complex work with other people like social workers and lawyers may end up having longer-lasting memory and thinking abilities compared to people who do less complex work.

The tests looked at memory, processing speed and general thinking ability. Researchers also gathered information about the jobs participants held. The job titles assign scores for the complexity of work with people, data and things.

Bilingual brains process information better

Speaking more than one language is good for the brain. According to new research, it indicates bilingual speakers’ process information more efficiently and more easily. It is while comparing to those who know a single language. The benefits occur because the bilingual brain is constantly activating both languages and choosing which language to use and which to ignore. When the brain is constantly exercised in this way, it does not have to work as hard to perform cognitive tasks.

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