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Best career opportunities in Financial Technology-Admission 2020

Career Opportunities in Financial Technology

Finance has always been at the central point of measuring an economy’s growth and future prospects. On the other hand, technology has emerged as a strong industry that thrives on innovation. The rapid advancement in technology in the 21st century, and especially they allowed the tech industry to penetrate into different spheres and emerge as a globally pervasive industry. The integration of Finance and Technology (financial technology) has revolutionised. And how students of Top MTech Colleges in Jaipur see the world of finance today.

What is Fintech?

Fintech is a result of blending the two terms including finance and technology together. It simply refers to the use of technology by a business concern to enhance its financial services. Or to automate the financial processes. The term is dynamic and diverse that caters to both consumers as well as businesses.

The application of Fintech, include Mobile banking, Insurance, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Investment apps, etc.

What are Fintech Companies?

Fintech companies aim toward integrating Artificial Intelligence. Blockchain as well as Data Science into the traditional operations of the Financial sector. It makes the services safer, faster, and more efficient for the students of best MTech colleges in Jaipur. In comparison to the other tech sectors, Fintech is the fastest-growing sphere. Now, companies are innovating in every area of finance. It ranges from payments and loans. And also, extending to credit scoring as well as stock trading, the prevalence of Fintech is pervasive.

The Fintech industry has survived the test of time and continues to grow at a rapid pace. They are the established market giants in the industry witnessing an upward sloping curve as far as the growth is concerned. Also, new players are emerging in the Fintech space and many people are getting inspired from the latter and are taking up the blend of finance and technology as a career for the students of top engineering colleges in Rajasthan.

How fintech works?

With the rapid evolvement of industry fintech, it is certainly not a new industry. Technology has always played a subtle role in the world of finance. It ranges from the introduction of credit cards in the 1950s, electronic trading floors, the ATMs, personal finance apps to high-frequency trading in the decades that followed.

In the last decade, students of MTech colleges Rajasthan observe that some of the latest advances are utilizing blockchain, machine learning algorithms, and data science to do everything from process credit risks to run hedge funds. Also, the mobile internet/smartphone revolution has played a key role in helping the financial technology domain grow explosively. Now, the services of fintech extend to include a broad variety of technological interventions into commercial and personal finance.

Some of the careers pertinent to Fintech are:

Product Manager

A product manager works towards initiating partnerships. They are mainly strategic in nature, with financial technology colleges and merchant banks. This is done in order to devise solutions. Which are viable and promote adoption of these services for the students of Engg colleges.

Content Writers

Typically, a content writer would be focused on publishing articles on thought leadership, creating write-ups on related topics and scripting important insights that are to be shared.

Social Media Marketing

This role would require the team of Best Engineering Colleges to increase the visibility of the FinTech company on social media and capture audience attention for the promotion of the company.


An important metric for Fintech companies is transaction included. Thus, the job of the sales team is important in terms of targeting the right segments as well as acquiring customers majorly through digital channels.

Data Scientists

Typically, Fintech companies have to deal with unstructured data in order to identify the lag and cater to the underserved. A data scientist of best MTech colleges Jaipur would work towards uncovering the value from collected data through different sources in order to customise the products being offered.

Cloud Management

With the expansion of operations and reach, cloud managers ensure to govern the complete ecosystem like cyber security over a cloud.

Product Engineers

In order to adopt an agile product development approach, product engineers of private engineering colleges ensure to implement products quickly with the help of open stack application developers to roll out products in a shorter turnaround time.

UI/UX and Graphic Designers

These creative professionals develop convenient workflows, for mobile only solutions. It will create an enriching customer experience.

Fintech courses

The most important factor to consider is how one can pursue a career in Fintech. So, there are different pathways. That an aspiring Fintech professional might pursue to work in this intriguing and dynamic career industry.

However, at the Undergraduate Level, there are not many engineering colleges in the world. That will offer a program specialising in Fintech. So, there are alternate programs which can be pursued to help an individual develop the necessary skill set to excel in the industry of Financial Technology. An Undergraduate Program in Finance, Economics, Management, Commerce, or Engineering will all set them on the path towards a career in Fintech.


Now, the world is evolving more than ever, the industries, and the economies are interacting and trading at a massive scale, convenience and efficiency is of the essence. If students of best MTech colleges Rajasthan are looking forward to a challenging and lucrative career domain, Fintech should definitely be the best. And if they do not know how to go about it further or have any questions related to this domain, then they are only a step away from changing your life.

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