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Benefits of having an early preparation in MBA

MBA Application Preparation

Generally, aspirants of MBA colleges feel having lots of time to prepare for exams. Remember, the early bird catches the worm. Similarly, in the case of MBA application, the candidates who start their preparation early have a significant benefit over people who did not bother.

Benefits of starting your MBA application preparation early

1. High level of competition

The competition for MBA programs at Top MBA Colleges in India is tough and even the best candidates miss out on securing a seat in these management colleges. And now because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition has increased even more because many candidates have deferred their admissions as the international borders were closed to prevent the spread of the virus. Even an ideal candidate with a good GMAT score, decent grades, and job experience at a top consulting or finance company may not surely get a seat in top colleges, universities or institutions. The reason being that there will be many such candidates who are applying for admission to these colleges with excellent academic and professional records. Therefore, even small differences in the quality of your MBA application can play an important role and provides you the necessary edge over other candidates.

2. The entire process is time taking

The candidates of best MBA colleges in Jaipur should start preparing their MBA application as soon as possible because the entire process takes a lot of time. There are multiple tasks that a candidate needs to do in this duration including studying for GMAT which in itself demands proper time. Additionally, certain other side tasks must be done and are extensively researching your career goals, meeting the alumni, students, and staff at your target MBA program, participating in extracurricular activities, contacting your recommender, and building a good relationship. It helps you get the decent recommendations. All this needs to be done even before starting your first essay.

Since most of the MBA applicants are focusing on management colleges or universities also have their own professional commitments with jobs that are time demanding and have strict deadlines, it is much better to start the MBA application preparation process early because then they can work on it in detail.

Commonly covered topics in MBA application

The MBA application essay questions are easy to qualify. There are certain commonly asked topics in MBA application for which the candidates can start preparing such as:

1. Your personal story

There will surely be essays, the purpose of which would be to know more about your personal identity, certain personal experiences apart from the ones students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur had in their professional career that shaped them into who they are today. Candidates are advised to mention any experience that was transforming for them or anything that makes them unique in any part of a personal MBA statement, for instance, Fuqua’s 25 things, Kellogg’s “Values” etc.

2. Your practical career goals

The essays on your career goals and how the MBA program that students of private MBA colleges in Jaipur are applying for can help them in achieving them are common in almost all management colleges. These require extensive research not only on their goal but also on what the MBA program is offering and then combining the two to articulate their essay.

What can you give back to the institute?

This is an essential aspect that is asked when applying to a top MBA college Jaipur program because they want to know that as a student and a future alum what contributions can they do and how they can play a role in improvising the program.

Start working early on other things as well


The GMAT is not an easy test and requires planned preparation based on what score students of best MBA colleges India are targeting. In many cases, students take multiple attempts to get the score that can help them in getting an inch closer to their target MBA program. Thus, starting early preparation for it can be extremely beneficial for them because the GMAT score is equally important as the essays that they will write.

2. Networking and research of the management college/institute

The importance of networking in your targeted MBA Colleges Rajasthan is undeniable because interacting with students, alums, and their staff will give them a much better idea of the culture there, how they are unique. If they will have sufficient time in hand, they can even plan visits to those college, institutes or universities and get a better understanding of their MBA program. Also, it will help them even while writing the essays.

3. Develop extracurricular

When students of MBA college have enough time, they also get the liberty to work on their extracurricular, if they do not seem up to the mark to them. They can pursue any activity of their interest. The same work if done just sometime before the deadlines can affect their chances of getting selected as it may seem that they have developed them just for the sake of adding it to their resume.


Start as early as possible. There is no better benefit than to start with a team that really understands the process early on. It will offer the time to adjust their schedule and approach.

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