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Autonomous vehicle technology - A glimpse to the future

An innovative hub of autonomous innovative technology

The terms autonomous and autonomy in everyone's life directly connect with transportation. This mobility trend will be part of our future life. By adding electrification, industry-leading companies, decision-makers, and investors require to make some extreme decisions to carry out the transformation and survive in this process.

One of the biggest concerns attached to the autonomous vehicle technology trend is the disappearance of some traditional sectors. Also, it includes a decrease in business areas. In fact, the transformation of labor-intensive sectors to technology-intensive sectors and the problems it carries plays a significant topic that may never be solved.

However, there are also positive elements of autonomous cars. An autonomous vehicle can pick you up at any time from anywhere you want and take you to your destination while working or relaxing. Besides, disabled and blind individuals can easily travel with autonomous vehicles, making transportation much more accessible than today.

Role of vehicle introduced by Google

Research has been conducted on the patents of autonomous vehicles obtained by industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers. It was approximately 40 in 1986 and with the advent of time; it has reached to 5840 in 2019. After launching the first vehicle by Google, different technological devices design and test with short, medium and long-range radars, lidars, visionary and environmental detection systems like cameras, sensors, DSRC, etc.

Today, autonomous driving has brought great changes in the sector and to investments. It is found that these vehicles can save a total of 600,000 lives in the world between the years 2035 and 2045 in the future. This is because of the high level of security.

How these developments take place only in the automotive sector?

Developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, nano, and micro nanotechnology, etc. will be supported by autonomous technology. It expects to drive force behind the development of different transfer and transportation vehicles.

The term Autonomously Connected Transportation (ACT) is one of the most important developments in future transportation. This is because of the high-speed transportation that is very easy and convenient. Planned journeys will allow people to travel by land, sea or air with minimal fatigue and personal planning. This is due to a single intelligence and its components. With an integrated inter-connected and platooned booking logic, we can get different travel opportunities through the best routes.

While there are 1.2 billion terrestrial vehicles, 80,000 aircraft, 100,000 marine vehicles, and 1.2 million kilometers of railway networks all over the world, the autonomous connection of all these transportation vehicles at the same time will be the start of a new age in transportation.

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