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Save the Girl Child Campaign at Arya

In the world of modernization, people are still living with conservative thoughts. So, It has become important to aware each and every person of the society. For this, Arya College of Engineering and IT have taken initiative by organizing the programme as “Daughters are precious” that runs by Medical and Health Department of Rajasthan and associated by National health Mission Rajasthan on 24th January at Arya 1st Old Campus.

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The main aim of this program is to influence different kind of behavior of the individual so that the well-being of the society could be improved. It is community awareness Drive that works with a slogan, “Save the World by saving us”. Various celebrities were engaged as volunteers and simultaneously participated through lectures and one-to-one interaction. It was the global support to educate unprivileged girl child by providing various kinds of facilities and amenities in India. It created the base for every female candidate in the country so that they can proudly stand and work by availing all the rights provided by our Constitution of India.

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     Students are provided a special platform so that they can speak about their ideas and thought to create better society. Different kinds of presentations are shown in which the existing ratios of girls towards boys are elaborated along with its causes and consequences. As Dr. Vasundhra Raje has showed a great amount of contribution towards this community so that society could grow and develop in a better way. Various strategies are explained for the people so that they could get some idea in concern with saving daughters.

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The whole event explained about the importance of girl child and the struggle they have to face even before their birth. Most of the people neglect them due to their orthodox thoughts and doesn’t let the society to bring more development and wealth through the skills and talent in girls. But now, people are going on the phase where they have changed their mentality and provide equal status to female candidates as compared to men in all the industrial, educational and commercial sectors. Home Page